Have no trademark in sex underwear?

Have no trademark in sex underwear?

1 Introduction

When buying sexy underwear, many people will pay attention to the style, material, breathability and other factors of underwear, but there is a problem that is often ignored, that is, the trademark of sex underwear.Many people will be curious why the lingerie brand is not marked with trademarks on underwear. Will this be a fake?Below, let’s analyze this topic.

2. Trademark and sexy underwear

Trademark refers to a sign that merchants use to indicate their identity in marketing. It is the first image of merchants in the eyes of consumers to some extent.The problem of not marking the trademark in sex underwear is that if the design of the two underwear brands has some similarities, this will confuse consumers, and I do n’t know which brand of products.In addition, the use of trademarks in some brands will damage some people’s curiosity and favorability of it, which will affect sales.

3. Quality and fake issues

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Do not marked the trademark of sex underwear?Basically the answer is no.In fact, many high -end sexy underwear manufacturers are unwilling to mark trademarks on underwear, not because of their quality problems or because they are selling fake goods.

4. Protect consumer privacy

Interest underwear is very personal. Many people do not want to publicize the logo of a brand on their clothes.This is also a reason why sexy underwear does not mark trademarks.In addition, in some countries or regions, marking sexy underwear trademarks will cause discussions and pressures in social morality, culture, and belief, which is not conducive to marketing, sales and management of sex underwear.

5. Densely planting trademarks are not desirable

If you put trademarks on sexy underwear, especially if you use large trademarks or densely cultivating methods, it is likely to damage the visual effects of sexy underwear and even destroy its own design and sexy temperament.Psychological research shows that wearing sexy underwear has greatly helps women’s self -confidence. Therefore, this approach may also be not conducive to brand positioning.

6. The relationship between brand awareness and market demand

Although there is no erotic underwear trademark, brand and popularity are Sales and the best exposure methods, forming potential demand.If a brand does well, its experience and reputation will spread quickly.In this case, some later customers will naturally follow it and no longer entangle whether a brand name will appear on underwear.Therefore, whether the labeling of sexy underwear trademark does not mean sales and market demand.

7. How to identify the brand

Although sexy underwear is not marked with trademarks, we are not completely unable to recognize the brand.There are many brands marked brand names in packaging boxes, paper bags or other places on underwear.At the same time, we can also judge its brand and quality level based on the material and coating of the underwear, and the price.


8. Certified brand sold in underwear specialty stores

More than 90 % of brand goods in underwear specialty stores are officially authorized or legal sales certification brands, which can be used with confidence.And one of the benefits of buying sexy underwear in specialty stores is that the store will provide consumers with advice and help to consumers with brand commentary and underwear selection.These professional suggestions and guidance will not only allow consumers to better understand the knowledge of brands and underwear, but also help improve the shopping experience.

9. Summary: Interest underwear without trademark does not mean lack of brand strength and market competitiveness

In general, there is no trademark in sex underwear that does not mean that it lacks brand strength, market competitiveness, or lack of quality assurance.In fact, the good cooperative relationship between sexy underwear manufacturers, dealers and consumers is an important driving force for creating brand value and promoting market development.When buying sexy underwear, it is recommended that you comprehensively consider the style and the degree, fabric and comfort, and price of the underwear, instead of taking too much consideration whether the underwear is marked with the trademark.

10. Conclusion

In short, sexy underwear does not marked trademarks based on a series of commercial, cultural, and institutions, and this does not affect the brand awareness, market demand and industrial chain construction.When buying sexy underwear, consumers don’t have to worry too much about quality, authenticity and other issues.Do not trust or label trademarks. It is an unskilled statement. It is necessary to judge the quality of the brand and underwear through the characteristics of the underwear and packaging.