How big is the sexy lingerie cup

How big is the sex lingerie cup?

The size of the sexy underwear cup is not uniform, nor can it be represented by a certain number or letter.Different brands and different series of sexy underwear may use different cup sizes to adapt to different wearers.So, how to correctly measure the size of the cup?Next, this article will introduce the relevant knowledge in detail.

1. Measurement method

The method of measuring the cup is very simple.You just need to put on a unspeakable underwear, then use the armpits as a reference, surround the chest for a week, and then compare the distance between the perimeter you get with the highest point of the chest.According to different brands and series, the corresponding cup size can be obtained.

Second, common cup size

Under normal circumstances, the size of the sexy lingerie cup can be from the A cup to the J cup. The size of different brands and different styles of cups can be different.For example, some European and American brands are biased towards large cups, while Asian brands are biased towards small and medium cups to meet the needs of different chest types.When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention not only to choose the appropriate cup size, but also consider the overall version to make the underwear more fit the body.

3. Different types of cups

In addition to the various cup types such as conventional lightness and increase, there are also some cup types with very distinctive and fashionable sense, as follows:

1. Cushion cup: Fill in the inward air to make the chest look stronger and plump, and at the same time, it will not deform the chest or be excessively oppressed.

2. Lace Cup: Create a romantic, sexy without losing fresh visual effects through the sense of transparency and layering of lace.

3. Belt cups: By binding with the belt, you can better emphasize the perfect presentation of the waist curve and hip, and also have a good abdomen effect.

4. Suggestions for selection of cup size

1. For people with the top 100cm of the bust of the A cup and B cup, you can choose a sex underwear of 36/80 or 38/85.

2. For people with a cup and the top of the C -cup cup below 100cm, you can choose a sex underwear of 38/85 or 40/90.

3. For people with the top bust of the E -cover and F cups below 100cm, you can choose a 40/90 or 42/95 sexy underwear.

4. For people with the top bust of the G cup below 100cm, you can choose a 42/95 or 44/100 sexy underwear.

5. For people who are more than 100cm or H, i, J cups on the top bust, you can choose to choose the effect of expanding the chest and receiving side according to personal needs.

Fifth, choose a sexy underwear that suits you

The choice of cup size is very important, but it cannot ignore the effects of the overall version and fabric texture.Therefore, you need to pay attention to the following points when choosing a sexy underwear:

1. Determine your bust, lower bust and cup size, and choose to meet your size as much as possible.

2. Choose a version that suits you according to your body proportions and preferences. Clear and clear lines and soft curves can highlight your fleshy beauty and body advantages.

3. You need to choose according to the seasons, color and occasions, and choose to show sexy underwear with different styles and temperament.

4. Choose the texture of the fabric and understand the characteristics of different materials, such as elegant lace, comfortable cotton and naturalness.

Six, conclusions

The size of the cup is not the only consider standard, and the overall version, fabric and texture and other factors are equally important.Only by choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can you fully show your sexy and beauty.

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