How to dry the dormitory erotic underwear after washing

Interest underwear is very popular, and wearing them can make women feel excited and confident.When you have sexy underwear in the dormitory, you need to be careful.If they are not washed or dry correctly, they will affect their performance and adaptability to the body.Therefore, in order to keep the sexy underwear in the dormitory continuously updated and appropriate, this article will introduce you to how to dry them.

1. Hanging in the ventilation place

In the dormitory, the best place to dry the sexy underwear is the ventilation place.Choose a well -ventilated indoor area and hang the sexy underwear to dry.Let the sexy underwear be completely exposed to the air to ensure that they can dry as soon as possible.

2. Avoid drying in the sun directly

Even if your dormitory window can make the sun enter the room, we don’t recommend that you dry the sexy underwear in the sun.Sunshine will fade the color of the sexy underwear and reduce the quality.Instead, the exposed underwear exposed in the sun may even be damaged.

3. Zhanping dry

Interest underwear is usually made of various soft materials, such as silk, lace, cotton, etc. Therefore, no matter what kind of material when drying sex underwear, it is best not to fold or restrace them.Instead, the sexy underwear is flattened and placed on a horizontal surface.This can avoid uneven deformation or dryness.

4. Don’t use hot air blowing drying machine

The hot air blowing dryer can dry and sexy underwear in a short period of time, but will cause damage to them.High temperature may weaken, deform, fade, etc. of sexy underwear.Therefore, the best way to dry the sexy underwear is to dry naturally.

5. Avoid violent rubbing

Don’t rub the sexy underwear too much, because they are composed of many tiny fibers.If they massage them hard, they will damage these fibers, lead to completely losing elasticity and affecting the appropriateness and performance of underwear.

6. Use towels to dry

If you are in a hurry to need lingerie, you can use a towel to dry them gently.Place sexy underwear on a squeezed towel.Press gently until most of the water was absorbed.Then hang them in the ventilation place to dry.

7. Don’t mix the sexy underwear with other clothes

When you dry your sexy underwear, don’t mix them with other clothes.Interest underwear is usually fragile, and wrinkles also affect the adaptability.More importantly, metal parts such as buttons or zippers on other clothes may damage underwear, so it is best to dry alone.

8. indoor temperature should not be too high

Excessive indoor temperature will damage the sexy underwear, especially those made of silk, lace, thin cotton and other materials.Therefore, when drying, it is best to choose a suitable indoor area with suitable temperature.

9. Air flow

During drying, ensure a good indoor environment.You can open the window to increase air flow and help underwear to dry quickly.

10. Be careful not to be lazy

It takes some time to dry the sexy underwear, but this is very important.If you are in a hurry, throw them on the dryer or balcony to dry quickly, it will have a huge impact on their quality and performance.Please pay special attention to drying underwear to ensure that they maintain their original appearance and quality.

In general, your sexy underwear requires high levels of maintenance and maintenance, so as to keep them suitable and performance.During the drying process, be sure to abide by the above suggestions.

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