Interesting underwear that can be worn usual

Interesting underwear that can be worn usual

Interesting underwear that can be worn usual

Interest underwear has become an indispensable part in the daily life of modern women.However, conventional sexy lingerie styles are usually only suitable for special occasions, such as parties, celebrations, honeymoons, or sex role playing.So is there any sexy underwear that can be worn usual?This article will introduce 8 to 10 sexy underwear suitable for usually wearing.

1. No steel circle bra

No steel rim bra is a sexy underwear that is very suitable for wearing.Compared to the bras with steel rings, it is lighter and comfortable, and the wrapping feeling is more natural.For women who need to wear branches in the office or daily life, no steel rim bras are a very good choice.

2. briefs

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Compared with the traditional underwear that completely covered the hips, briefs are more sexy without loss of security.They are balanced between comfort and protection, and they are often used in daily wear.

3. lace carried

Supreme jackets are often used for sexy role -playing, but some simple lace coats can also be used in daily wear.The lace jacket is sexy, but the comfort is also guaranteed.

4. lace chest

Lace bra is so beautiful that people often use them as part of their tops.In some unnecessary public occasions, lace bra can be worn alone, paired with jeans or skirts, which is very suitable for daily wear.

5. Overall pantyhose

Overall pantyhose is a underwear that takes into account comfort and sexy.It combines pantyhose and clothes, allowing you to wear it in some formal occasions, and at the same time feel free and sexy.

6. Pink maid outfit

Maid costumes are usually used for sex role, but a pink maid dress is very suitable for daily underwear.It contains a deep V -neck dress and a lace headwear, allowing you to feel more romantic and sexy with your spouse at home or with your spouse.


7. Hollow underwear

Hollow underwear can be beautiful, and it can also be worn everyday.The hollow parts can make people feel sexy and beautiful, while the reserved part can increase security and can be worn at normal work.

8. Black lace panties

Black lace underwear is an ideal choice with various underwear.Its beauty and sexy can be used to the extreme, but black is a suitable color in any formal occasion, and it will not affect your image.

in conclusion

For those women who want to wear sexy in daily life, the above styles are quite good choices.No special occasions are required. Wearing these sexy underwear that can usually wear can make people feel sexy without losing comfort and protection.