Russian new sexy underwear catwalk show

Russian new sexy underwear catwalk show

At the annual underwear exhibition in Russia, major brands have launched the latest sexy underwear, showing various unique styles and designs, which is dizzying.Here are some of the hottest Russian new sexy underwear catwalks for your reference.

1. Embroidery style

Some brands use embroidery technology to create sexy underwear. The changes in embroidery pattern and the choice of colors are dazzling.The embroidered pattern can be some small and fresh plant elements, or it can be a bold animal pattern, which is novel and difficult to resist.

2. Lace style

Lace has always been one of the mainstream elements of sexy underwear, and this year’s Russian erotic underwear catwalk show is no exception.There are many forms of lace applications, not only the lace styles of the wedding route, but also some brands use lace to make unique patterns on the corset, which are more sexy and charming.

3. Net yarn style

The material of the mesh is light and transparent, and is most suitable for creating sexy underwear.On this year’s fun underwear, many brands use mesh materials to make underwear to highlight the full and slender lines of women.Especially in terms of transparency, it shows more skin and curves, making people shine.

4. Best style

Rest -style erotic underwear can make women feel unusual pleasure and bring strong sexual stimuli.On the Russian erotic underwear this year, some brands have launched many interesting restraint styles, including underwear tied to the navel with lace strips, and corsets with shackles.

5. zipper style

The zipper is a very common decoration.In this year’s sexy underwear catwalk, the small design elements of the zipper have also been used very well.Some brands are added to the front of the underwear to make it more convenient to wear and have both beauty and sexy.

6. Stockings

Stockings are common accessories of sexy underwear, and this year’s Russian erotic underwear catwalk is no exception.Some brands have launched very special stockings styles, some have added elastic straps to their ankles, and some are engraved with gorgeous patterns on their thighs, which are very eye -catching.

7. Cat Woman style

Catwoman is a niche element in the design of sexy underwear, but this year’s Russian erotic lingerie show has attracted a lot of attention.Cat women’s underwear usually has elements such as cat ears, tails and gloves, showing a charming unruly and mysterious sense.Many brands have launched various retro, Japanese and European -American -style cat women’s styles, making people linger.

8. Leather style

Leather underwear is a relatively rare element in sexy underwear, but this year’s Russian erotic underwear show caused a lot of sensation.Leather has toughness and texture, and can show the wildness and confidence of women.However, we must pay attention to wearing leather underwear. Be sure to ensure the breathability of underwear and avoid excessive discomfort.

9. Perspective style

Perspective underwear is a very classic design in sexy underwear. There are also many perspective styles in Russian sexy underwear catwalk this year.Perspective underwear is usually made of tulle, and designed on the bra or the bottom pants to add a mystery and sexy.

10. Multiple set styles

Multi -piece style is a very popular element in this year’s sexy underwear.This underwear is usually composed of multiple independent parts, including bras, underwear and hanging straps, as well as possible stockings, gloves and other attachments.This is a very perfect erotic underwear, which is rich and colorful, but also fully shows women’s charming curves and sexy temperament.

Viewpoint: The introduction of new Russian sexy underwear allows people to feel the charm and diversity of sexy underwear again. These new styles have unique design and characteristics, which can meet different internal needs and external performance.Whether it is embroidery, lace, mesh, restraint or zipper, stockings, cat women, leather and perspective styles, it can resonate and love people.

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