Sex underwear has to buy there

Sex underwear has to buy there

Types of sex underwear

The sexy underwear is unique and diverse, mainly divided into the following types:

Beauty sexy sheet

Sexy lingerie

Adult sexy underwear

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European and American sexy underwear

Sex underwear purchase channel

Sex underwear can be purchased in the following places:

Sexy shop

Online sex supplies merchant

Taobao, and other e -commerce platforms

Overseas purchase

Private custom

Selection of Size of Sex Lingerie


Choosing the right size is the key to ensuring wearing comfort and use effect.You can buy the appropriate size in the following ways:

Refer to the brand of the brand

Try to try according to your body size

Select a size that can be freely adjusted, such as strap -type underwear

Selection of sexy underwear

The material selection of sexy underwear should consider comfort, sexy, and difficulty cleaning.Common materials include:




PU leather

Mesh cloth

How to match sexy underwear

Sex underwear can show different styles and sexuality through different combinations. The common matching methods are:

Sex underwear+high heels

Interesting underwear+stockings

Sexy underwear+jacket/coat

Sex underwear+accessories

Selection of accessories of sexy underwear

The accessories of sexy underwear can enhance the overall sexuality and beauty. The common accessories are:

Sexy underwear hat

Sexy lingerie glove

Sexy lingerie

Sexy underwear belt

Interesting underwear shackles

Spring underwear price

The price of sex underwear is very different due to the differences in brands, materials, and styles.Generally speaking, the price of sexy underwear ranges from tens of yuan to thousands of yuan.

Wash of sexy underwear

The cleaning method of sexy underwear is different from the material, but the following points need to be paid attention to:

Use neutral detergent

Do not use a washing machine to clean

Avoid state

Save the way of sexy underwear

The preservation of sexy underwear also needs to pay attention to the following points:

Avoid folding or squeezing

Avoid sunlight exposure

Stay separately, do not mix with other clothes

In short, choosing a suitable sexy underwear and proper dressing and matching can bring you a more pleasant life experience.