Sex underwear steps

Sex underwear steps

Sex underwear steps

Step 1: Select your size

It is important to choose the right size.Generally speaking, the size of the sexy underwear is different from the daily clothes. Please first understand the size of each brand and measure your size to ensure that the sexy underwear you order meets your size.

Step 2: Know your style preferences

Interest underwear has a variety of styles, such as corsets, bras, even body sex lingerie and role -playing clothing.Knowing your preferences and choosing the right style can make you feel more comfortable.

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Step 3: Choose the right fabric

Interests of underwear usually use the fabrics of silk, cotton, lace, fish nets, etc.These fabrics have their unique texture and appearance, so you need to choose the most suitable fabric according to your needs and comfort.

Step 4: Buy accessories or accessories

Sex underwear accessories or accessories can make your dress more perfect.For example, sequins, lace, bow, etc. are common sexy underwear.You can choose jewelry that meets your preferences to increase your confidence and sexy.

Step 5: How to wear and skills

The way of sexy underwear is different from traditional underwear.You need to pay special attention to your skills to ensure that you are more perfect to wear.For example, to tie the buttons correctly, adjust your shoulder straps, and adjust your waistline, etc., you can make your body better.

Step 6: Sanitary cleaning

Sex underwear requires special cleaning and maintenance methods.It is recommended that you follow the brand’s cleaning instructions, use neutral detergent cleaning, wash or put it in the washing machine with a soft washing program to clean it to avoid exposure to high temperature or sunlight in daily life.

Step 7: Matching and matching skills

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The matching of erotic underwear requires you to consider matching, as well as other clothing and accessories you match.For example, the skirt style, shoe color, etc. under the underwear, and so on.

Step 8: Maintenance and maintenance

The maintenance of sexy underwear also requires your long -term maintenance and maintenance.Put it in a clean, cool, dry place to avoid moisture or mold.Put it or hang it before wearing to maintain the original form.

Step 9: Cooperate with your personal style and brand choice

The choice of brand is very important, and the sexy underwear of different brands is still different.At the same time, the brand’s style is also different. From personal physical fitness to wearing occasions, different brands need to be considered, so as to find the most suitable brand.

Step 10: Combined with your personal confidence

Finally, be sure to believe in your charm and self -confidence, put on your sexy underwear, show your perfect figure and style, and attract the surrounding eyes.No matter which style, brand, plan you choose, let yourself show the best state.


When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider your needs carefully.Choose the style and size that suits you, and choose good brands and fabrics to make your dress experience more satisfactory.At the same time, pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, and always maintain a clean and tidy state.Finally, believe in your charm and self -confidence, put on your favorite sexy underwear, and show the most beautiful self.