Sexy Loves Customer Recruitment

Sexy Loves Customer Recruitment

Sexy Loves Customer Service Recruitment Background

The sexy underwear industry is booming and the demand for customers has increased. Therefore, we decided to recruit some sexy lingerie customers to answer customers’ questions and provide professional services.The customer service of this recruitment needs to have a certain understanding of sexy underwear, can answer common questions, and have good communication skills and service awareness.

Responsibilities of sexy underwear customer service

In this sexy lingerie customer recruitment, we hope that customer service staff can assume the following responsibilities:

Answer the customer’s questions patiently, including questions about goods, size, distribution, etc.;

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According to customer needs, it is recommended to be suitable for sexy underwear products;

Handle customer return and exchange and other after -sales issues;

Maintain customer relationships and improve customer satisfaction.

The quality of sexy underwear customer service should be available

As a sexual underwear customer service personnel, the following qualities should be possessed:

Have a certain understanding and understanding of sexy underwear, understand the dynamics of the sexy underwear market and the style and characteristics of the sexy lingerie of various brands, etc.;

Have good language expression and communication skills, be able to accurately grasp customer needs and conduct effective communication;

With keen insight and ability to deal with problems quickly, it can timely and effectively solve customer problems and doubts;

With a good service awareness and service attitude, have patience and enthusiasm for customers, good at listening to customers’ opinions and suggestions, and calmly handle customer feedback.


Salary of sexy lingerie customer service salary

We will provide competitive salary, evaluate and promotion based on personal ability and performance.At the same time, we also provide standardized training and promotion mechanisms to help customer service staff grow up.

Training and assessment of sexy underwear customer service

We will provide comprehensive pre -job training for recruitment of sexy lingerie clothing, including sexual underwear knowledge and customer service skills.After the training, the pre -post assessment can be taken before the post can be on.After that, we will continue to conduct business training and skills improvement, and at the same time assess and promotion according to work performance and customer satisfaction.

The working environment of sexy underwear customer service

We provide an open, comfortable and free working environment so that customer service staff can work with confidence.We provide complete work equipment and high -quality workflow so that each customer service personnel can focus on work and provide customers with the best services.

Working hours of sexy underwear customer service

We provide a flexible work system and conduct class according to the personal conditions and work needs of customer service staff to meet the personal and work needs of customer service staff.At the same time, we also provide a complete rest and vacation system to ensure that customer service staff can maintain a good working state.

Requirement requirements for sex underwear customer service

In order to ensure the work effect and customer satisfaction, we have formulated some recruitment requirements:

Age between 22 and 30 years old, a college degree or above;

Have a certain interesting underwear knowledge and sales experience, and those who have online customer service experience are preferred;

Mandarin pronunciation standards, clear and smooth language expression;

Have good learning and communication skills, and can quickly adapt to work rhythm.

Experience of sexy underwear customer service experience

In customer service work, the most important thing is the service and experience of customers.We should be centered on customers, from the perspective of customers, and continuously improve the quality and level of service to achieve a win -win situation of the company and customers.

The above is the relevant information about the recruitment of sexy lingerie customer clothes. Welcome to apply for the application. We look forward to your joining!