Sexy underwear buttocks open

Sexy underwear buttocks open

What is the buttocks to open the sexy underwear?

The buttocks are a sexy, naughty underwear, which is generally associated with SM games.This underwear focuses on stimulating human skin from visual and touch, allowing people to get higher pleasure and excitement in sexual experience.

Type of the buttocks open the type of sexy underwear

The buttocks are mainly T -shaped pants, open crotch pants, split pants, etc., and generally use thin fabrics to make people more comfortable when wearing.Sexy black is the first choice, but some people also choose other colors, such as white, red, blue, etc.

The advantages and disadvantages of the buttocks to open the sexy underwear

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Strong stimulus: The buttocks can stimulate people’s sexy belts and increase the pleasure of sexual experience.

Good visual effects: This underwear makes the body look more sexy and charming, and increase the fun experience.

Comfortable: Made of comfortable fabrics, wearing will not have a sense of oppression.


For beginners, it may bring a certain sense of discomfort.

For some people, this underwear is too irritating and may not achieve the expected results.

How to buy butt to pick up sexy underwear?

If you want to buy your butt and open your sexy underwear, you can start from the following aspects:


Fabric: Choose comfortable fabrics. It is best to try it on if necessary.

Size: Choose a size that suits you to avoid tailoring.

Style: Choose the right style according to your preferences and physical conditions.

Color: Choose color is best to highlight your skin tone and increase the sexy feeling.

How to wear the buttocks open the way of wearing sex underwear

The method of wearing a lot of sex underwear is relatively simple:

Choose the underwear that suits you first, and then wear the bottom pants.

Then put the buttocks open the sexy underwear and adjust it appropriately.

After wearing it, you can adjust according to your needs to achieve the best results.

The maintenance of the buttocks opens the maintenance underwear

If you want to keep your buttocks open the quality of the lingerie, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Avoid using too rough laundry to avoid damaging the fabric of the underwear.

Avoid rubbing hard, it is best to wash it in your hands. Be careful not to use hot water.

After washing, air dry, avoid exposure or too much moisture.

Picking up in the buttocks to open up sexy underwear

The buttocks open the love underwear suitable for wearing in the following occasions:

SM game: This underwear is one of the common props in SM games, which can bring stronger stimulus.

Interesting experience: Wearing a sexy underwear can bring visual and touch pleasure, and increase the interesting experience.

Candle light dinner: If you want to add romantic atmosphere, you can choose to wear such underwear.

How to use the butt to cut off the sexy underwear?

Pay attention to the following points with the buttocks to open the sexy underwear:

Top: It is best to choose a close or loose top to increase the visual effect of underwear.

Skirts: Coupled with high heels and lace lace skirts, it can better highlight the sexy temperament of the sexy underwear.

Jewelry: Wearing some simple accessories can increase overall coordination.


Picking up in the buttocks is a stimulating and fast -sensitive underwear, which is suitable for wearing in specific occasions, but you need to pay attention to moderate use to avoid unwell from excessive irritation.At the same time, for beginners, it is also necessary to adapt slowly to achieve better results.