Sexy underwear feels shame

Sexy underwear feels shame


Interesting underwear, as a new type of fashion concept, is attracting more and more consumers.However, sexy underwear is also a controversial topic.Although people choose to put on it, many people still feel ashamed of it.This article will explore the feelings of sexy underwear and its role in society.

Cause: I feel ashamed to wear sexy underwear

"It feels shame" is a common reaction that many people feel after wearing sex lingerie for the first time.It may come from our social culture, and many people think that sexy underwear represents obscenity and abnormality.On the other hand, it may stem from self -awareness, and many people feel that they will become more exposed and easily discovered by others.Whether it is social culture or self -awareness, this is still a controversial topic.

Real sexy underwear

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Really sexy underwear, especially those products with comfortable materials and good quality, usually do not feel abnormal.On the contrary, the wearing of these underwear can enhance self -awareness to a certain extent and make us more confident and sexy.

Choose the underwear that suits you

When choosing a sexy underwear, the most important thing is to choose one that suits you.Choosing a very sexy but inappropriate underwear will be tantamount to waste money.Choosing a suitable sexy underwear will make you feel self -respect and comfort.

Different styles and materials

Interest underwear covers a wide range of styles and materials.From lace and silk to fish nets and leather, each style can bring different feelings to the wearer.Materials are equally important.Suitable materials can make the underwear more breathable and comfortable, and make the wearer continue to be comfortable.

Effect on the body

The correct sexy underwear can improve the shape of the body and make the body line more beautiful.A suitable erotic underwear can make the lines of the chest, waist and hips more slender, and can also harden the beauty of the body curve.

The purpose of sexy underwear

The purpose of sexy underwear is not only for beauty, but its more important purpose is to increase the stimulus of sensory.From those small lace panties that can increase their partners to those with handcuffs and leather uniforms, all forms of sexy underwear have brought new experiences to the wearers and partners.

Fetish Wear

Communicate with your partner

When considering wearing fun underwear, it is important to communicate with their partners to ensure that they feel comfortable and understanding, rather than being attacked or shame.The tolerance attitude will make everyone’s experience more pleasant.


Interest underwear has been in the world for many years, but it is currently in a transformation.From an unpopular sensory clothing to a modern high -end fashion brand, the role of sexy underwear is widely recognized.Use these products correctly can increase sexy and confidence, and bring a richer sensory experience. It perfectly shows the sexy and romantic experience of sex and fashion.The way to explore and experience.