Sexy underwear female polar pollution seductive bride

Sexy underwear female polar pollution seductive bride


Interest underwear has always been an important role in love and sex, especially on the wedding night.A suitable sexy underwear can make the bride more confident, more beautiful, and more tempting.But how to choose suitable sexy underwear?The next article will explain the types of sexy underwear and its temptation.

Lace underwear

Lace underwear is one of the most common and popular sexy underwear.They can be used to show the beautiful skin of women, with mysterious temperament and attractive charm.Lace underwear helps to create perfect body lines, as well as showing women’s confidence and innocence.The bride will be more confident and charming when wearing this type of sexy underwear.

Transparent underwear

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Transparent underwear is a sexy lingerie with sexy charm. It even highlights the curve of women’s bodies and the beautiful body of women.Transparent underwear is a good product that makes people appreciate. Women wearing transparent underwear can not only make themselves confident, but also mobilize their partner’s visual enjoyment.

Belly pocket underwear

Belly -type underwear is an ancient sexy underwear, also known as "hollow cloth".This erotic underwear usually only covers the weight of women and tighten the back.This kind of sexy underwear is an ideal choice for creating mystery and temptation. It is still one of the types of underwear that brides in love with today.

Slit underwear

Sleep underwear is a sexy sexy underwear, which has a unique design and innovative tailoring method.This sexy underwear is famous for its irritating and sexy style, which can highlight the ten thousand and confident temperament of women.This underwear is widely used in sex and other occasions, suitable for those newlyweds with long -term legitimacy.


A bodywear is a sexy underwear that adjusts the figure. It can improve the proportion of the body and make the waist, abdomen and hips more prominent.This underwear allows the bride to have a better posture and curve line without having to worry about physical defects.Therefore, the bride can put on the sexiest sexy underwear with confidence.

Tube top underwear

The tube top underwear is a special sexy underwear. It is relatively simple and rarely sexy.Nevertheless, tube top underwear is still widely manufactured and used, because it can make the bride feel confident and natural, and at the same time, it will not appear too naked and exposed.


Suite underwear

Set underwear is matched with underwear consisting of tops, underwear, socks, or other accessories.This kind of sexy underwear can highlight the beautiful body of the bride, emphasizes the unique charm and personality of the bride. At the same time, designing unique sets also make the whole set of sexy underwear more beautiful, beautiful and attractive.

Net socks underwear

Net sock underwear is a special type of sexy underwear, which contains transparent tops and net socks.This sexy underwear has very tempting characteristics, which can make the new woman look sexy, sexy, sexy, and is very suitable for a enthusiastic and sexual impulse environment.

Vest underwear

Vest -type underwear is usually made of thin fabrics. It can meet the special needs of the bride and can bring perfect outlines and smooth lines to the bride.This type of sexy underwear usually uses more natural colors and thinner fabrics, which is very suitable for daily life.

in conclusion

When choosing a sexy underwear, first understand the bride’s own needs and physical condition.Choosing a sexy underwear suitable for her body and personality can not only increase the bride’s self -confidence and charm, but also allow her to experience the fun and fun in marriage life.I hope that today’s purchase guide can help you choose the sexy underwear that suits you best.