Sexy underwear TOP brand

Sexy underwear TOP brand

brand introduction

In the sexy underwear market, there are many excellent brands. Some brands have become the most popular and most influential brands in the market with their careful design functions and excellent manufacturing quality.Here are a few brands you should know

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s secret is one of the most well -known brands in the underwear market.They are particularly good at producing exquisite and high -quality bras.This brand has great influence in the market, especially in North America and Europe.Their costume styles are usually more fashionable and can attract the attention of consumers.At the same time, their underwear is very high in quality and ensures long service life.

Fa Daren

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Faldien is a brand from Australia. It is famous for light, comfortable, soft underwear.The brand’s underwear style is very elegant in design, which can meet the needs of various ages and different body types.Their products are also very reasonable.

La Perla

La Perla is a Italian brand.They are famous for their high -quality and high -end underwear products and are one of the most expensive brands in the European market.La Perla’s product design is unique and the quality is very high. Fine details and fascinating decorations inlaid are definitely worth seeing.

Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a British underwear brand, and they are used to joking and naughty factors in product design.The most tasteful thing about this brand is that they use lace and perspective fabrics in large quantities to make the entire series full of sexy drama style.The underwear produced by Agent Provocateur is also very good in terms of functionality.


The French brand AUBADE is very famous in the women’s underwear market.Their underwear is unique and can bring a perfect personal experience to customers, and pay attention to the details to achieve sexy and comfortable.In the market, AUBADE’s underwear products are called "veritable artworks" by many customers.


Leanman is a brand in the United States and is famous for its playful and sexy underwear.Their products are beautiful and exquisite, and the materials they use are very comfortable and sexy.Leanman’s underwear quality is also worthy of recommendation.

Fetish Wear


Sephora is another well -known brand.Their product series is very wide and there are many types.There are not only interesting underwear, but also daily lingerie, and even home clothes.Sephora’s clothing style is also relatively modern, which is welcomed by young women.In addition, Sephora’s underwear quality is also trusted.


Chantelle is a French brand. It has a long history and has been established for more than 100 years.Their product style cleverly combines traditional and fashionable elements.At the same time, the quality of Chantelle’s underwear is perfect, very comfortable and long -lasting.


Wacoal is a very successful brand in Japan.They emphasize that underwear should be comfortable and functional.This brand attaches great importance to details, so Wacoal’s underwear is often not only comfortable to wear, but also very durable.


Regardless of your body, sexy underwear will make you feel an unprecedented self -confidence.It is very important to choose a brand and style that suits you, which can make you better show your advantages.In the brand and price, after all, wearing a proper sexy underwear will make you feel more wonderful and confident in the next days.