Sexy underwear topic

Sexy underwear topic

Understand the benefits of love underwear

Interest underwear is designed for enhanced the relationship between husband and wife.In addition to various styles, there are many types for you to choose from.Wearing erotic underwear may have a positive impact on your relationship, making you gradually fall into love.The following is the benefit of wearing fun underwear:

Stimulate ordinary sexual life;

Enhance self-confidence;

Bring more fun to husband and wife;

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Breaking the traditional way of seeking.

Choose a sexy lingerie style that suits you

There are many styles of sexy underwear. You can choose different styles according to your personal hobbies, figures, and occasions.The following are several underwear styles suitable for different occasions for your reference:

Sexual feelings funny lingerie styles, suitable for Valentine’s Day and other special occasions;

Deep V underwear style, suitable for communication occasions such as nightclubs or dinner;

Three -point erotic underwear, suitable for couples to use themselves.

Selection of sexy underwear size

Wearing a suitable sexy underwear, we must be comfortable and beautiful.For people of different bodies, you need to choose a sexy underwear that suits his size.Here are some suggestions to choose the correct size for your reference:

Measure the size of each part of the body and choose the appropriate size;

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Try to choose elastic materials to adapt to physical changes;

Choosing a tight -fitting style will show the figure more effectively.

Choose the material that suits you

Sex underwear can be made of a variety of different fabrics.The following is a introduction to several commonly used materials:

Lace material, light and breathable, and beautiful;

Velvet material, soft and comfortable, excellent touch;

The material material, flexible and breathable, can cover up small defects.

Regular replacement of sexy underwear

Because sexy underwear is a more sensitive clothing, long -term wearing may affect the use effect, hygiene and comfort.Therefore, changing underwear regularly can maintain the best experience.The following is a suggestion to replace sex underwear:

Replace new sexy underwear around three months;

Avoid rubbing and sweating immediately. Wear underwear immediately;

Use warm water, soft hand washing+natural drying.

Falling underwear maintenance

In order to extend the life of sexy underwear and maintain its aesthetics, proper maintenance is necessary.The following are some tricks of sexy underwear maintenance:

Minimize the use of cleaning agents;

Avoid cleaning in the cleaning machine;

Store in a clean place and keep dry and fresh.

The purchase channel of sexy underwear

When you decide to buy sexy underwear, you need to choose a regular channel to ensure its quality.Here are some choices of buying sexy underwear:

Online platforms, such as Taobao and Tmall;

Famous underwear shops, such as Martha, etc.;

Sex products store, these shops are specially sold in sex products.

The price range of sexy underwear

The price of sexy underwear is very different, depending on its style and quality.The following is the price range of some sexy underwear for your reference:

Low-end underwear, usually between 50-100 yuan;

Middle underwear, usually between 100-300 yuan;

High -end underwear, the price is more than 300 yuan.

Conclusion: Interesting underwear adds a sense of freshness to the life of the husband and wife

Wearing sexy underwear can increase the freshness between husband and wife and bring more fun to their lives.Although the price does not necessarily adapt to the purchasing power of everyone. Choose the style and material that suits them, as well as the correct size and accessories. As long as you keep maintaining and replacing underwear, sexy underwear can bring infinite happiness to the couple.