Shot a sexy underwear for a boyfriend to show your boyfriend

Shot a sexy underwear for a boyfriend to show your boyfriend

Shot a sexy underwear for a boyfriend to show your boyfriend

One way to eliminate time is to wear sexy sexy underwear.However, maybe you are worried that you will be too sexy if you wear it.Or maybe you have tried to wear sexy underwear, but you don’t have the courage to take a picture of it for your boyfriend.If you encounter these problems, don’t worry, wearing a sexy underwear to show yourself a very brave move, and can bring more fun to two people.In this article, we will explore some methods and techniques that wearing sexy underwear to take pictures to my boyfriend.

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

It is important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.It is necessary to consider factors such as body, skin color, and own personality.Funny underwear that suits you can make yourself feel more comfortable and confident.You should try more when choosing a sexy underwear, do not follow the trend blindly.

Choose the right shooting place

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When choosing a place for taking pictures, you can consider places related to your own personality, such as your own room or some artistic atmosphere cafes.When taking pictures, you should also pay attention to some details, such as paving the sheets, cleaning the debris, and so on.

Makeup and hairstyle should be proper

Before taking photos of sexy underwear, remember to make up and deal with hairstyles.Makeup can make yourself more sexy.For some girls who are not good at makeup, you can find makeup tutorials and learn to draw a makeup you like.

Choice of shooting angle

When taking pictures, it is important to choose the right angle.When taking pictures in the upper body, you can let your back facing the camera (back to the camera), and turn the lens to the angle of 45 degrees.


For men of different colors, the color of sexy underwear also has different choices.For sexy underwear of different colors, you can try to add color accessories to it, such as bright colors with bright necklaces.You can also enhance the overall atmosphere by putting on clothes with the same color or sexy underwear.

Pay attention to the ratio of body

The proportion of body proportion is also very important.For girls with a petite figure, when wearing high heels, you can choose to wear black socks to make your figure more proportionally coordinated.

Head Wear

Taking it again

When shooting sexy underwear, you can take a try first and re -shoot against this photo.This can avoid wrong details, such as the angle of the back shooting is wrong.

Ethical and firm resistance

In the process of taking pictures, you will definitely encounter some sexy underwear that you are unwilling to wear. For this situation, you might as well be emotional and be a passionate girl.Remember, every sexy underwear has its own characteristics. As long as you find your own characteristics, you can easily wear your sexy performance.

The above are some methods and techniques to see the way of wearing a sexy underwear for my boyfriend.It is a very personal thing to wear a sexy underwear, so you need to show your characteristics as naturally as much as possible, so that your boyfriend truly feels your sexy side.In the aspect of choosing a good shooting location, handling your makeup, etc., I believe you will be able to impress the boyfriend around you.