Should sex underwear exist?

Should sex underwear exist?

Should sex underwear exist?


Interest underwear is a unique design, full of teasing, increasing sexual fun and emotional vitality.Some people think that erotic underwear is an inevitable cultural phenomenon, and some people oppose it and think it will harm social morality or human dignity.So, what should we look at the existence of sexy underwear?

The happiness and excitement brought

Interest underwear can bring people happiness and excitement, increase emotional experience and sexual taste, and make people feel fresh and exciting.This plays an important role in the rich and intimate relationship.

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Sexy underwear is not only facing sex

Sex underwear is not only facing sex.Instead, it is a form of aesthetics, culture, personalization and art.Interest underwear can bring a unique and comfortable sense of enjoyment to the protagonist, and increase the subjective experience of emotion.

Taste and aesthetics are optional

Some people think that sexy underwear is not beautiful, and it looks vulgar and low -end.However, the taste and aesthetics of sexy underwear can be dispensable.After all, different people have different aesthetic concepts.Interest underwear is a way for individuals to choose and express themselves, without having to be interrupted by others.

Positive and cultural phenomenon

Sex underwear is a product of sexual cultural phenomena, and sex is the instinct of human beings.Therefore, it should not be linked with culture, the times, and society.We should face sexual and cultural phenomena, not prejudice or discrimination on this.

Gender character stereotype impression

In some ways, sexy underwear reflects the stereotypes of gender characters. For example, women are male -centered and easy to be manipulated.However, these stereotypes do not mean that everyone exists, and it involves multiple aspects of human spirit, society, and culture.Therefore, we need to think about the meaning of gender equality and gender freedom under the premise of respecting others’ choices.

Reduce exposure and sexy


In the public and family occasions, we need to appropriately reduce the exposure and sexy of sexy underwear.This is not a dislike of sexy underwear, but the maintenance of social morality and cultural justice, as well as respect and care for the public.

Adapt to the needs of different groups

Interest underwear should not only face a small number of people, but should meet the needs of different people.For example, for the elderly, the disabled, the maternity, and the people of allergies, they should design sexy underwear suitable for their special needs and conditions to increase the quality of life and happiness.

Weigh the advantages and disadvantages to choose

Selecting sex underwear is a personal choice of personal freedom, but weighing the advantages and disadvantages during the selection process.Not only must we consider your desires and needs, but also to consider gender equality, culture, society, morality, aesthetics and other factors.Only with the comprehensive and reasonable consideration of these factors can we make responsible and healthy choices.


From the comprehensive consideration, the existence of sexy underwear is a diverse and complex social and cultural phenomenon.We should respect everyone’s choice and personality, but we must also advance the development of sexy lingerie under the premise of cultural justice and the public interests of the public, under the principles of reasonable, health, equality, and respect.