Shu Qi sexy underwear HD video

Shu Qi sexy underwear HD video

Shu Qi sexy underwear HD video

As a sexy goddess, Shu Qi looks like a sexy underwear.Here I will introduce you to Shu Qi’s sexy underwear high -definition videos, so that you can better understand the design and matching of affectionate underwear.

Basic models in the video

First of all, in the video, we can see the colorful lingerie style of the basic models, the sexy cups of different materials, and the details of the back and chest, such as buckle ring, rich lace lace, etc.Essence

Black suitless silicone underwear

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There are also black suits non -porous silicone underwear in the video. Such high -quality underwear styles are extremely delicate. The silicone adopted blessed part of the strength and texture of the underwear, which makes people look at it at a glance.

Hollow stockings matching

For girls who love beauty without losing sex, it is very important to match the appropriate socks.In the video, Shu Qi wore hollow stockings and still did not lose her sexy. Such a personalized dress was increasingly paid attention to in the fashion industry.


Lace triangle is a very classic item in sexy underwear, which often arouses the infinite fantasies of men.In the video, Shu Qi’s lace lace triangle is matched with a black jacket, full of fashion, getting rid of the consistent sleeve.

Qi Qi Mei

The bright adjustment of the front is soft, the stylish body -shaping underwear Qiao Mei is called, which can easily change the body and make the body more beautiful, sexy, and willful. At the same time, the beauty makes people feel unreasonable.

Lace camisole

The lace lace camisar matched with shorts reveals a mysterious beauty. With proper jewelry, the overall matching can be more perfect.If you add black lace net socks, the sexy degree is even higher.

Plus Teddies & Bodysuits

The perfect combination of face value with underwear

Emphasizing careful matching and face value is also one of the important elements in the field of sexy underwear.In the video, Shu Qi’s beauty and erotic lingerie complement each other. The wet hairstyle is even more likely to have a harsh desire. Such a woman, wearing sexy underwear, is more sexy.

Pearl camisole

The pearl camaye is a classic item in the field of sexy underwear. Through clever beads and bright brocade, a dark or light -colored suspender shirt is used to make the nature of wear more fashionable.Confidence and sexy.

Sexy jacket

The wearable schemes of sexy underwear can be diverse, and the matching of jackets is even more important. Pay attention to the wearing of jackets. Pay attention to the fish and bear’s elements.


In summary, sexy underwear is not just to evoke men’s desires, but it is more to convince yourself to believe in your beauty. Try more different matching methods in fashion. Fashion and sexy can be perfectly integrated.