Source of sex underwear sources

Source of sex underwear sources

Source of sex underwear

As a sexy underwear practitioner, the problem of supply is a problem that businesses need to face and deal with.Whether online or offline sales, the advantages and disadvantages of supply are directly related to the quality of sales performance.

1. Source purchased directly from the manufacturer

For the sexy underwear industry, some merchants will directly cooperate with brand manufacturers to purchase supply from manufacturers.Although there is a certain risk from the manufacturer’s purchasing source, the purchase cost is low, and the supply is relatively stable.

2. Supply of the foreign trade wholesale market

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The foreign trade wholesale market has been increasingly recognized in recent years, and merchants can go to the foreign trade wholesale market for supply.Compared with the purchase of manufacturers, the price of the foreign trade wholesale market is relatively high, but it can be purchased in batches and does not have too high starting quantity restrictions.Merchants can find more cost -effective sources through three households.

3. Source of cross -border e -commerce platform

With the popularity of the Internet, the supply of cross -border e -commerce platforms is becoming more and more favored by merchants.Merchants can purchase directly through cross -border e -commerce platforms or find some freight forwarding for procurement.Compared with the sexy underwear in the domestic market now, it can be said that some special styles and designs can be bought in overseas markets.

4. The source of the manufacturer’s direct operating store

Interest underwear manufacturers generally have their own direct -operated stores. Merchants can learn about the brand’s relevant information through direct -operated stores and purchase supply from it.Purchasing the source of the source store from the manufacturer can ensure that it is genuine purchased, and it can also reduce the operation of the source of the supply by excessive land, thereby reducing the cost of the source.

5. Source of third -party platforms

The third -party platform is also a channel that can be purchased to the source of sexy lingerie. Merchants can purchase through Taobao, and other platforms.The third -party platform has a corresponding equity protection mechanism. Merchants need to formulate procurement strategies to avoid supply risk and tumor goods.

6. Supply of online wholesale merchants

Online wholesale merchants are generally specialized merchants who have purchased batch procurement for merchants, and their prices are relatively close to the people.Most of these merchants are mainly online sales. Merchants can use the exchange platform to explore the procurement of the source. Whether to communicate between merchants can also sell their products or sources through the exchange platform.

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7. Supply of the same source of exchange

The sexy underwear industry merchants can also cooperate with each other to complement each other’s corresponding supply of corresponding supplies to jointly increase sales.Merchants can also take this opportunity to expand relationships and broaden their sales channels.

8. Supply purchases of other channels

There are many other supply of procurement channels in the market, such as friendship purchasing, online forums, WeChat groups, etc. Merchants can try different ways to obtain supply.These methods are not necessarily stable, and merchants need to explore by themselves.


Different source procurement channels have their own advantages and disadvantages. Merchants should choose the procurement channel that suits them according to their own situation.At the same time, it is important to pay attention to the risks of multiple aspects when purchasing the supply of supply. It is very important to understand and do a good job in advance.