Su Saisha 素 素 is a sexy sheet

Su Saisha 素 素 is a sexy sheet


Interest underwear is a underwear style that caters to modern people’s increasingly open thoughts, providing us with a very personalized choice.Among many types of sexy underwear, Su Sa Yong is a simple and elegant style, which is well -known.

The basic form of the plain yarn

The plain 素 素 is a traditional underwear derived from China. It is well known for its gentle, comfortable, and breathable characteristics.Its basic form is composed of a long and knee -length long skirt and a skirt that can be a hem can be awarded and crotch, allowing the wearer to be sexy while covering and protecting.

The relationship between plain ya clothes and sexy underwear

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Although Su Saisa is derived from traditional Chinese clothing, it is no doubt about the identity of a sexy underwear.Due to continuous innovation and design, the modern plain style style has even more highlighted its sexy and traditional temperament, becoming an important part of sexy underwear.

The fabric of the vegetarian 素 素

The fabric of the plain yarn is a special silk fabric. It is woven with very fine silk threads, so it feels comfortable.At the same time, this fabric has high air transparency, moisturizing, and antibacterial effects, whether it is in sex or usually wearing.

The style of the vegetarian 素 素

The style of the plain 素 is far more than the above basic form.Modern designers have continuously added new elements, such as lace, hollow, tulle, etc., making plain gauze clothes more vulgar and noble.In addition, there are more open bra, three -point, and exposed hips for people to choose from.

The color of the vegetarian 素 素

The same color with his sexy underwear, the color of the plain yarn clothing is diverse.From traditional white, beige to black and other single colors, to enthusiastic red, purple, etc., the choice of color can be matched according to personal preferences and occasions to enhance sexy effects.

Suitable occasion

Because the sexy sexy of the plain yarn is not reflected through naked skin, it has greater applicability on various occasions, and there is no need to worry about being too exposed and causing embarrassment.For example, in the case of private time, romantic couple nights, wedding honeymoon, etc., Su Saisha is a good choice.


The matching of the plain yarn

In order to further increase the sexy effect, you can choose to match the sexy atmosphere to the extreme when wearing a plain yarn clothing, so that you can choose to match high heels, stockings, slings, etc.In some cases, you can also use small jewelry such as lace gloves and berets.


Same as his interesting underwear, wearing plain yarn clothes also need to pay attention to hygiene and cleaning to ensure health and aesthetics.In addition, when selecting the plain yarn, you should pay attention to the suitable size and the comfort of the fabric to ensure the comfort and beauty.

in conclusion

As a popular sexy underwear with a traditional and sexy temperament, Su Sa Yongyi has a traditional and sexy temperament, which can satisfy people’s pursuit of sexy and personalized. It can also bring joy and enjoyment.When wearing it, pay reasonable matching, pay attention to cleaning and suitable size.