Sweater small vest transformation sex lingerie

Sweater small vest transformation sex lingerie

Background introduction

As a special underwear, sexy underwear is sexy and tempting, and is favored by women and men.But buying a good sexy underwear costs a lot of money. How to find an affordable and beautiful sexy lingerie has become a major problem for women.The method of turning the sexy underwear of sweaters can solve this problem.

Materials and tool preparation

To renovate the sexy underwear of the sweater, you need to prepare a piece of sweater vest, sex lingerie, needle wire, cutting scissors and other materials and tools.

Step 1: Cut the sweater small vest

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First of all, the sweater must be cut.According to personal preferences and body conditions, the length and width of the sweater can be appropriately cut.

Step 2: Measure sexy underwear

Next, you need to measure the size of the sexy underwear to prepare for the next sewing.According to the size of the sexy underwear, cut the corresponding fabric.

Step 3: Sewed sex lingerie cloth

The cut erotic lingerie fabric is sewn with a needle line. You can choose to hold a sewing machine or an electric sewing machine, sewn it before stitching.

Step 4: Switch with sweater vest

Slim the sewing lingerie fabric and cut off sweep vest for stitching.You can choose stitching for sewing, or fixing glue.

Step 5: Add decorative details

According to personal preference, you can add some decorative details to the transformed sweater pony’s sexy underwear, such as lace lace and bow.

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Step 6: Try the effect of personal trial

After the transformation is completed, you need to try on the effect to check whether it meets personal preferences and body conditions.

Step 7: Combat with other clothing

The transformed sweater pony can not only wear it alone, but also eat it with other clothing, such as high -waisted skirts, black leggings, etc., to increase fashion and sexy.


Sweater vest transforms the method of sexy lingerie, economical and beautiful, can be transformed according to personal preferences, and can be matched with other clothing, showing different fashion and sexy feelings.


I hope that this article allows women to transform sex underwear through sweater vests and find sexy underwear they like, thereby increasing self -confidence and charm.