Taiwanese sexy underwear brand

1. Overview of Taiwan sex lingerie

As a economically developed region, the affection underwear industry is also very developed.Taiwan’s sexy underwear brands are diverse, including the design of European and American style, the style of Japanese, and the elements of local culture, which is more in line with the aesthetic taste of Asians.

2. Recommended in Taiwan’s sexy underwear brand

The following is the recommendation of Taiwan’s sexy underwear brand:


Bonbon lingerie

Cloud 9


Merch Mashiah

These brands provide consumers with a variety of sexy underwear, including lace, mesh, hollow, etc., and also provide a variety of sizes to meet the needs of different customers.

3. Myfiona brand introduction

The MyFiona brand is a brand with a sweet style. Elements such as lace, lace, ribbon, etc. are cleverly applied to sexy underwear design, which is very suitable for cute women.At the same time, the Myfiona brand also guarantees the comfort of underwear, and the choice of fabrics is particularly particular.

4. Bonbon Lingerie brand introduction

The Bonbon Lingerie brand is a brand that combines innovation and sexy.All kinds of personal clothes, stockings pants and other products are rich in design in Bonbon Lingerie, which is the most fascinating place for the entire brand.Even the most basic abdominal clothes, Bonbon Lingerie can use the design to show excellent sexy effects.

5. Cloud 9 brand introduction

The Cloud 9 brand is a brand designed by young women. The style is more lively and casual. The most useful cotton fabrics are used to create a more practical and dynamic sexy lingerie.

6. Elbbub brand introduction

The ELBBUB brand is a brand that integrates magic elements into the design of sexy underwear.They have designed a variety of creative sexy underwear, such as inflatable underwear, LED underwear, laser devices, and so on.Compared with other brands, the biggest feature of the ELBBUB brand is bold tests, which burst into imagination to the extreme.

7. Merch Mashiah brand introduction

The Merch Mashiah brand is the brand that makes women feel confident and charming.They incorporate the more popular imitation foam. Through their unique design methods, women can create a powerful and independent image after wearing these sexy underwear.

8. Taiwan sex lingerie market prospects

Taiwan ’s sex underwear market has continued to grow in recent years, because these brands have become an important magic weapon to attract consumers with their excellent design and excellent quality.Coupled with the increasingly openness of people in Taiwan, sexy underwear will gradually move from niche markets to mainstream markets.

9. Taiwan brand’s revelation of the domestic sex lingerie market

Compared with the domestic sexy underwear market, Taiwan’s sexy underwear brands are more diversified, have a stronger sense of design, and excellent export quality.Domestic sex lingerie brands can draw inspiration from the Taiwan brands, and produce sexy underwear that is more in line with the taste of domestic consumers through its own innovation and design.

10. Summary

Through this article, we can find that Taiwan’s sexy underwear brands are very powerful and prospective.At the same time, these brands also have many inspiration, which can bring more innovation and diversification to the domestic sexy underwear market.

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