The coolest sexy underwear posture

The coolest sexy underwear posture

As a product in the adult supplies market, sexy lingerie is becoming more and more popular in the field of women’s underwear.With the correct sexy underwear posture, the sex between you and your partner is more irritating.This article will introduce you the coolest sexy underwear, let you try new postures and feelings.

1. Lace Miracle

The sexy underwear on the edge of the lace is sexy enough, especially the lace edge of a twisting fine yarn to fit the body, and extends back to the combination of sexy underwear of the hips.Let your partner enjoy the gentleness, softness and charm of lace.

2. Use the balloon to make the sexy underwear shine

Regardless of the material, a series of fun underwear shaped with balloons is becoming more and more full of layering.Buy some small balloons, choose different shapes of balloons of different shapes according to the style of sexy underwear, and then combine them together to add a clever, beautiful and attractive detail to your posture.

3. Put on the jersey

Jersey is a new member of the sex underwear market, which can evoke a small "fake sense".Running jackets, short sleeves, unlaxed clothes, and shorts that make you and your partner enjoy a more passionate sex process.

4. Rabbit ear hat style

Many people are surprised to wear rabbit ear cap during sex, but this is indeed a very exciting erotic underwear posture.Fixed a pair of rabbit ears from the head straps on the head. Dear people will have a mysterious and complex feeling, which is very suitable for innocent and wild sexy underwear series.

5. A banana covered by an eye mask

In the style of pettyyyy underwear, many brands emphasize visual stimulus, such as covering your partner’s eyes with eye masks.At this time, you can hold a banana to replace your body with multiple senses of visual and touch to stimulate her body.

6. The seductive little ingenuity

The shiny decorations can greatly enhance the attractiveness of sexy underwear: in the front, chest, back, hip, thighs, ankles, etc., use some dazzling small jewelry to match your sexy underwear, which will make you make youAdd a temptation and mystery.

7. High waist restraint

High -waisted pantyhose women’s body curve is vividly displayed, and the part of this sexy underwear surrounded by the belly will add a restraint space. The strength of this space can help you control the speed and rhythm of movement.

8. gloves

Gloves are a very comfortable and strong sexy underwear. Gloves can cover your fingers and bring you another wonderful physiological feeling.Because your hands can come into a lot of partners, this sexy underwear can also allow you to enjoy the stimulus of touch.

Finally, in sexy underwear and sex, the most important thing is the sensitivity, trust and attention of you and your partner.I have provided you with skills and posture. You only need to add stimulation to enjoy the best feeling.

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