The most shameful sexy underwear

1 Introduction

There are many types of erotic underwear, and some of them may make people speak out.So, what are the most shameful sexy underwear?In this article, we will explore several incredible sexy underwear.

2. C pants

C -shaped pants are a kind of underwear with extremely low coverage. It only has a thin rope through the hips, forming a "C" shape, which is called C -shaped pants.This kind of sexy underwear is described as the highest degree of shame. Wearing C -shaped pants will show a lot of skin, making people feel very shy.

3. Hanging pantyhose

Hanging pantyhose seems to be popular in the 1980s, and later returned to the fashion stage. Now it is used by many women as sexy underwear.Its structure is similar to pantyhose, but they also have some additional fabrics above the waist, which are usually called "suspenders", fixed on the waist to form a "hanging pantyhose" effect.Seeing it, you may be surprised for the first time, and it will make people feel shy and embarrassed.

4. Fairy Tale Princess -style corset

The fairy tale princess -style corset is a special corset with a special shape. The top part has a wave -shaped shape, which is very much like Princess Bai Xue’s clothes.This erotic underwear makes women feel like a fairy tale princess, and at the same time appears a little shy.

5. Bold temptation underwear

Bold temptation underwear is a low -waist and transparent underwear, which makes women look more sexy.This sexy underwear is obviously provocative. It is difficult to cover the beauty of the flesh, which makes people feel shy and embarrassing.

6. lace corset

Lace corset is a kind of underwear made of lace. The lace lace of this sexy underwear has a charming oriental charm and is very popular.But if it is too high, it will make people feel very strange.Therefore, the ashamed of lace corsets is usually high.

7. Tracking underwear

Tracking underwear usually uses belt and metal ring to completely expose women’s body parts, making people feel very shy -even women who wear it will feel ashamed.This sexy underwear is not suitable for other purposes and is only suitable for adult toys.

8. Metal underwear

Metal underwear is similar to tracking underwear, and they make women’s body parts exposed.But unlike tracking underwear, metal underwear does not use belts and metal rings, but uses metal chains and metal rods.This erotic underwear has made women a advanced appearance with a sense of technology, and also increases shame and makes people thrilling.

9. Low milk

The exposed milk is a sexy underwear that can fully expose the nipples, and its name has shown everything.This sexy underwear may be difficult to imagine for many women, because wearing it can make people feel extremely ashamed.Those who are already accustomed to this underwear may think there is no shame.

10. Sexy stockings

Sexy and body socks are sexy underwear that can completely cover women’s skin from the toe to the upper body.They fully fit women’s bodies, and there are gaps in the chest, waist, and lower body.Although this sexy underwear makes women more sexy, it also increases the shame of the wearer to the highest point.

in conclusion

This article mentioned the most shameful sexy underwear, which made the wearer feel embarrassed, shy or strange.However, sexy underwear is not just used to express the beauty of human flesh, but with a spirit of fun.Everyone’s choice is different.No matter which one you choose, the most important thing is to feel confident and reveal your beauty.

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