The sexy underwear bought by her brother -in -law for Li Yan

Li Yan’s sexy underwear

Li Yan is a sexy and charming woman. Her brother -in -law bought her a beautiful set of sexy underwear as a birthday gift.This made Li Yan’s excitement, and she decided to put on a sexy underwear to surprise her brother -in -law.

Types of sexy underwear

Sexual feelings are a sexy and charming underwear.Common types include: stockings, lace underwear, bellybands, etc.Among them, lace underwear is the most popular because it can make the body more charming and very tempting.

What is sexy underwear?

Sexy underwear is a sexy underwear that is used to increase interaction and stimulation between couples.It is usually more design and decorative than ordinary underwear, diverse styles, and more luxurious materials.Interest underwear not only makes women more confident and sexy, but also makes men more excited.

The benefits of sexy underwear

There are many benefits to wearing erotic underwear.First of all, it can enhance your self -confidence, make you more beautiful and sexy, thereby increasing your charm.Secondly, sexy underwear can add fun and excitement to love life, making sexual life more interesting.

Suggestions for men to choose sexy underwear

If you are a male and are choosing a sexy underwear for your girlfriend or wife, the following suggestions may be helpful to you:

1. Understand your girlfriend’s size and bust.Interesting underwear must be fitted, otherwise it will lose beauty and even accidents.

2. Pay attention to details.The details of sexy underwear are very important, which can make people feel taste and texture.For example, exquisite lace accessories or beads are good choices.

Suggestions for women to choose sex underwear

If you are a woman and are considering buying a sexy underwear, the following suggestions may be helpful to you:

1. First, choose comfortable materials.Fun underwear must be worn on your body, you must be comfortable and natural to make you the best results.

2. Understand your body characteristics.Different figures should choose different types of sexy underwear. For example, obese women should choose sexy underwear that can play a role.

How to wear erotic underwear

Sexy underwear is different from ordinary underwear and requires some special ways to wear.When wearing sexy underwear, it should be used as a performance or decoration to allow it to play the best results.

Maintenance of sexy underwear

After ready a set of delicate sexy underwear, you also need to take care of it and keep it intact.The maintenance of sexy underwear is as follows:

1. Hand washing.Interesting underwear is generally not washed. Wash with water hands and clean it with neutral detergent.

2. dry.Interest underwear taboo, you can use a towel to absorb the water, and then dry it naturally.


Interest underwear is a psychological adjustment tool to enhance self -confidence and charm, and it is also an emotional tool to increase interest and improve sexual life.Regardless of men and women, you should try to wear sexy underwear and find the style and style that suits you best.

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