Transparent even body fun underwear open stall

1. What is transparent even physical and sexy underwear?

Transparent and physical sexy underwear is a sexy underwear. It is usually made of transparent or translucent materials, which can be fully wrapped in the body and covered with private parts.The special design of this underwear is very charming. Through the material, you can see the outline of the body, exuding a sexy atmosphere.

2. The design of transparent connection of physical and sexy underwear

The design of the transparent physical and sexy underwear is very special. In addition to fully wrapped the body, there is also the design of the file.The opening site is usually located near the private parts, and it is convenient for sex to communicate.

3. The benefits of transparently connected physical and sexy underwear stalls

Due to the opening design, transparent and more physical underwear makes sex more beautiful and smoother.You don’t need to take off your underwear, you can perform sexual intercourse, making both parties more interesting.

4. The lack of transparent even body fun underwear

Although it is convenient to open the stall of physical fun underwear, its design may make people feel unnatural and make people uncomfortable.For those who are not accustomed to underwear, wearing transparent and more physical underwear may be a bit uncomfortable.


Transparency Lianyouye underwear is usually made of soft and transparent fabrics, such as lace, silk and transparent mesh.These fabrics are comfortable and textured, which can perfectly show the beauty of the body.


The styles of transparent body fun underwear are strange, including high -necked, back -off, sleeveless, and so on.Each style has its unique characteristics that can meet the needs of different people.Some styles are also decorated with straps, bows, etc., making the entire body more beautiful and sexy.

7. Precautions for the purchase of transparent and more physical underwear

When buying transparent and more physical underwear, you need to pay attention to buying products with poor quality. You should choose some well -known brands and compare it.And to ensure that the size is appropriate, because the inappropriate size will make the underwear uncomfortable.

8. Transparent connection with physical sex underwear

The method of transparent even body fun underwear needs to be matched with the coat. It is best to choose those coats with fewer parts.For example, choose loose trousers, long skirts, jackets, etc.

9. Maintenance of transparent even physical sex underwear

Transparent even body fun underwear requires special maintenance, and should be washed according to the requirements of the fabric.Some fabrics need to be washed by hand, they cannot be dried or in the sun, otherwise they will damage the quality and beauty of underwear.

10. Overall view

Transparent even physical and sexy underwear is a very sexy, beautiful underwear.Although it has some shortcomings, it requires special maintenance and matching, but it can bring more fun and experience to sex.

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