Want to send mom’s sexy underwear

Selecting sexy underwear, some points to be understood

As a supplement and seasoning of sex, sexy underwear can add fun and charm to women.But when choosing a fun underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Know the mother’s body size

It is very important to choose sexy underwear suitable for body size.Generally, sexy underwear products are designed in accordance with European or American body shape standards. Therefore, to ensure that the underwear you purchased is consistent with your mother’s figure.

Choose a style according to the character’s personality

Different styles of sexy underwear will bring people different feelings and temperaments. For example, some European -style lace sexy underwear, elegant and romantic temperament; and some sexy, slim -fitting tight sexy underwear can make people feel vitality, and they can feel vitality.Sexy charm.

Sexy temperament, sexy underwear

For women who advocate sexy and romantic temperament, the charming sexy underwear is indispensable. The colorful and stylish sexy underwear can bring excellent results.

Sexy underwear advocated by gentle and romantic temperament

If your mother prefers a gentle and romantic temperament, then some pink and light -colored sexy underwear are a good choice, which can perfectly show the mother’s neckline, naked ankle and leg curve.

Black is the first choice

Black sexy underwear is almost a law. Black sexy underwear with sexy symbols usually exists invincible. If you can’t find more suitable choices, then black sex underwear is a good choice.

Don’t ignore the details

Many sexy underwear will spend a lot of thoughts in detail design and decoration, such as exquisite satin or lace lace. These decorative elements often make sexy and luxurious characteristics of sexy underwear.

Understand the washing guidance

The correct washing method is very important for clothing to maintain clothing. Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must carefully read the washing instructions to correctly master the washing method.

Merchant credibility needs attention

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, it is very important to choose a regular, powerful merchant.We can understand the credibility of the merchant by viewing the product evaluation, customer trial evaluation and other methods.

Don’t be too exaggerated

When choosing a sexy underwear, do not seek excessive newness for exaggeration. Excessive complicated design and exaggerated seasoning can easily produce an uncoordinated feeling.


There are different ways to match the mother’s age, personality and temperament. Although there are many types of sexy underwear, only those who choose suitable for mothers are the best.When buying, carefully check the description and washing guidance of the product, and the reputation of the merchant, so that you can give your mother the best gift.

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