Want to wear sex underwear and take a bus

Wearing a sexy underwear and bus is not the choice of every woman, but in some specific cases, if you want to go to the sexy themes of lovers and participate in friends, wearing sexy underwear will undoubtedly make people feel special.However, it is also inconvenient and embarrassing to wear public transportation in sexy underwear.Here are some tips, which can help you feel free and confident in the bus while wearing sexy underwear.

1. Choose suitable sexy underwear

Everyone’s body and preference are different. Choosing sexy underwear suitable for them is the key.Some people like to wear sexy underwear with cups, so as to avoid exposing the nipples on the bus.At the same time, you can also choose some fabrics that are soft and fit the skin, so that you will feel very comfortable even in long -distance travel.

2. Avoid too exposed exposure

Although the design purpose of sexy underwear is to reveal and creatively feel sexy, it is not appropriate to be too exposed in public.When taking a bus, try to avoid wearing too explicit sex underwear, which will not only make people feel embarrassed and uncomfortable, but also cause resentment and dissatisfaction of other passengers.

3. Choose the right jacket

It is necessary to choose a suitable coat when wearing a buses in sexy underwear.This can not only help you protect privacy, but also be more comfortable and confident in public areas.You can choose a long coat, trench coat, or coat, so that you can cover the details on the underwear well, and you can feel more comfortable and comfortable.

4. Reasonable matching clothing

Interest underwear is not only wearing under naked to show its charm.If you are properly paired, you can also feel very fashionable and sexy when you wear sexy underwear.You can choose some suitable clothes, pants or shoes to match, so that you can not only avoid glowing, but also make you feel more confident and beautiful.

5. Pay attention to sitting position

Sitting on a bus when wearing sexy underwear, sitting on a special attention also requires special attention.When you sit down, choose a suitable seat and try not to bend over and cross legs.This can avoid exposing outside sexy underwear from the bottom, and to avoid attracting the attention of others.

6. Prepare at any time

Sometimes the situation is unexpected in long -term bus travel.If you need to go to the toilet when you are wearing a sexy underwear, or it may reach a later time, then it is best to bring a spare clothes with you.This allows you to change your clothes when there is any emergency.

7. Avoid running or doing too excited movements

In the case of wearing sexy underwear, walking or making too excited movements can easily attract the attention of others.Keep your calmness and calmness as much as possible to avoid exaggerated movements.

8. Keep confidence

The most important thing is to be confident in wearing a sexy underwear.Interest underwear is a kind of underwear that makes people feel sexy and confident. If you are confident, then you wear everything.

Wearing sexy underwear on bus is not the choice of every woman, but for some specific circumstances, wearing such underwear can make people feel special.Through the above tips, you can make you more comfortable and confident when wearing sexy underwear.

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