Watching DVD Version Instead Underwear


Recently, the film "Walking" has caused a lot of topics on social platforms, and its plot and character image have attracted much attention.However, it is undeniable that the scene of the heroine in the film is also a highlight of the scene.For beautiful women, sexy underwear can not only enhance self -confidence, but also bring diversified fun to life.This article will introduce the types, styles and related knowledge of sexy underwear from different angles, so that you can better understand these exquisite underwear.

1. Basic style

There are many styles of sexy underwear, but there are three main types of basic styles: bra, underwear and conjoined corset.These three styles are made of a variety of fabrics such as fiber, lace, silk, and the characteristics of cutting their body and not picking up.When selecting styles, you can choose according to your own needs.

Second, sexy series

Sexual feelings are the most common category and most popular in sexy underwear.This type of underwear usually uses dark tones such as black and red. At the same time, braes and sizes such as bras, underwear are more abundant, which can meet the needs of different body type customers.Sexy sexy underwear usually focuses on the unique shoulder strap design and rich chest pads in terms of design. It can improve the curve beauty of the figure and add sexy and mystery.

3. Uniform series

Uniform sex underwear is a type of sexy underwear based on professional or scenes, targeting different occupations or scenes.Such as nurses, police, stewardess and other identity uniforms.Uniform sex underwear pays more attention to the reduction of details and styling, which can make customers feel the corresponding professional scenes more truthfully on the costumes and increase fun and interest.

Four, SM series

SM sex underwear is a more challenging underwear style, suitable for customers who like to change gameplay.This kind of sexy underwear is usually made of leather, chain and other materials, and has a visual impact to wear.At the same time, using popular handcuffs, eye masks and other SM toys can make people feel more stimulus and control.

Fifth, underwear gift box series

The underwear gift box series is a suit product composed of a variety of sexy lingerie.This series of underwear usually uses high -quality fabric materials and procurement colors. It is suitable for adults or couples to give gifts to each other, showing the investment and love between couples.

Six, nightclub series

The nightclub series is a kind of sexy underwear worn in the dance, party, nightclub and other places. It is characterized by unique sexy, sexy atmosphere, and distinctive colors. At the same time, it focuses on increasing sexy performance of dance and POSE.Come to be more unique is an indispensable experience in leisure life.

7. Adult toy series

With the rapid development of erotic culture, adult toys have gradually become an important part of sexy lingerie styles. This series of underwear is not only exquisite in appearance, but also strengthens physical irritation. In conjunction with sex productsfun of.

8. Precautions for use

Pay attention to wearing sexy underwear. Different underwear styles may also be different. You need to estimate whether it is suitable for you before buying underwear, and sexy underwear is a relatively private underwear. Consumers should pay attention to storage and placement positions to avoid outsiders from reluctant to Tangye.Essence

Nine, conclusions

Interesting underwear is not only physical feelings, but also fun and psychological happiness.Suitable and comfortable sexy underwear will give us confidence and beauty, so that we have more fun in life.

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