Well, sex lingerie exposure H


Sex underwear is a very special women’s underwear, which usually involves sexy and exposed some body parts."H" refers to the meaning of "hentai", which usually involves things about pornography and sexual desire.This article will explore the exposure H type in interest underwear, as well as their influence on fashion and sexual charm.

Tall on the chest

The towering of the chest is a kind of sexy underwear, which can show the curve of the chest to the extreme.This sexy underwear is one of the most common types of exposed H categories.Most of these styles are made of sexy lace or transparent materials. Through they, they can see the curve under the bra.This style usually provides women with high sexual attractiveness.


Lace’s edge -based sexy underwear is a typical exposed H type, which usually includes perspective effects and lace edges.The color of this sexy underwear is usually black, white and red.Because their waist design and lace trim make people feel very tempting, they are very attractive in terms of sexy.

Transparent ultra -thin

Transparent ultra -thin sexy underwear is also a very popular exposed H type.This sexy underwear is usually transparent or translucent, which directly exposes the body curve.Transparent ultra -thin sexy underwear allows women to show a sexy and innocent image on the bed, which is very suitable for women who want to pursue freedom.

Follow -up type, opening type

The front buckle and the opening of the gear are very popular because they can make women show the sexy body part more conveniently.The front buckle lingerie has a hook buckle and pull lock, which accurately depicts the curve on the chest and waist.Open -file sexy underwear can expose women’s private parts. This style allows women to expose more physical body, and it is more strange and mysterious.

Network format

Grid erotic underwear is a more complicated exposed H type, which needs to be made by relying on fine fabrics.This sexy underwear is covered with fine grids throughout the surface, and it is generally dark tone colors such as black or gray.Due to its sexy fine mesh structure, grid -style sexy underwear will greatly enhance the sexy charm of women.


Lace hollow sexy underwear is a naked and natural underwear that can release female sexy.This kind of sexy underwear is usually lace hollow, and lace and hook buckle are intertwined to produce higher visual effects.This sexy underwear can make the lines of women’s bodies more dynamic and make them more tempting.


Stand -style erotic underwear is a more free exposure H type underwear. Usually use fine ropes to surround the chest and waist.Due to the casual dressing method, this sexy underwear has a very strong sexy charm.Stand -style sexy underwear usually enhances women’s sunglasses sensuality, making them more shy and mysterious.

Complex texture

Complex texture and sexy underwear usually have very beautiful complex texture, which makes women feel like lying in a sea of flowers.The details of this type of sexy underwear are very expressive, which can show a very natural sexy taste.The complicated texture -type erotic underwear is very suitable for women to wear when they are relaxed at home to show their temptation.

Premium customization

Advanced custom -style sexy underwear is a sexy underwear customized according to the specific requirements of women.This style of underwear is usually made around female body curves and proportion to clarify the most prominent part of the charm.Senior custom -style sexy underwear can provide personalized choices in terms of style, material, or color.This sexy underwear is very distinctive and can also show the rich charm of women.


Interest underwear is one of the clothing that many women pursue fashion and sexy orgasm.These underwear can present women’s curves, allowing them to show their attractive and sexy charm.Women can selectively selective underwear in the above types according to their needs and preferences to portray the image of sexy and fashionable peaks.

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