What are the internal orientation of sexy underwear?

What are the classifications of sexy underwear

1. divide by style

Sexy underwear is divided into a variety of styles, such as vest underwear, hollow underwear, sling underwear, open crotch underwear, etc.They are characterized by unique design, sexy, charming, and enhancing women’s charm.

2. Material points

The material of underwear is also one of its important factors, common materials including silk, lace, fiber, etc.The silk texture is soft and smooth, the lace material is more exquisite, and the pattern is unique, and the fiber material is more flexible and tight.

3. Press color score

The color of sexy underwear is also very important. Generally, the color of the sexy underwear is more bright and warm in warm colors, such as red, purple, pink, etc. Some also make articles on dark colors, such as black, gray, dark blue, etc.

4. Divided by function

In addition to the sexy and charming effect of sexy underwear, there are some special functions, such as slim underwear, body -shaping underwear, gathered underwear, etc., making women more confident and beautiful, and also provide more visual enjoyment for men.

5. Divide it according to the occasion

Different styles, different materials, different colors, and different functions of sexy underwear can also be classified according to their wear occasions.Such as home clothes, dinner evening dresses underwear, swimwear underwear, etc., choosing different styles according to different occasions can highlight the charm of women.

6. Divide according to the degree of perspective

Perspective underwear is a kind of sexy underwear with greater temptation in the minds of many people, but the degree of perspective also needs to be considered. Highly perspective underwear will make people feel uncomfortable.Select the degree of perspective according to different occasions.

7. Put the accessories

There will also be various accessories on the sexy underwear, such as lace lace, ribbon ribbon, bow, etc. These accessories focus on details, which can make people look bright and have a stronger sense of beauty.

8. divide according to the size

The size of the underwear also needs to be paid attention to, especially sexy underwear.Because wearing too tight or looseness is not good for the shape and health of the figure.It is recommended that when choosing underwear size, let the professional underwear consultant measure and recommend the size before selecting.

9. According to the brand

The brand of sexy underwear is also worthy of attention. The design concepts and production processes of different brands are different. Some brands pay more attention to detail processing, comfort, and fashion level. Some brands pay more attention to price and provide cost -effective choices.

10. divide by price

The price of sexy underwear is also one of the important factors that take into account. The price is different and the quality differences are large.Generally speaking, high -end brand underwear is relatively high, but it can be better guaranteed in all aspects such as materials, feel, and comfort.

Different classifications have their own characteristics, and we need to choose according to our needs.But no matter what kind of erotic underwear, the important thing is self -confidence. It is the most important thing to wear your own temperament and charm.

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