What are the pictures of sexy underwear purchase channels?

What are the channels for sex underwear?

Interest underwear is a special underwear. Its style is unique and creative, and is loved by young women.If your business involves the sales of sexy underwear, then you need to consider how to obtain the right purchase channels to ensure product quality and competitiveness.Below, we will introduce several ways to purchase sexy underwear.

1. Manufacturer directly purchases

Direct purchase of manufacturers is a common way for sex underwear to purchase. This method can not only ensure the quality of the product, but also pricing will be more favorable.If your sales channels are more mature, you can directly contact some well -known sexy underwear brands, open your account and purchase.

2. Market wholesale

Market wholesale is a common sales method in sexy underwear sales. Buying sex underwear through market wholesale is often more convenient and faster than buying directly from manufacturers.Especially for small sexy underwear business stores, it is more appropriate to buy goods from market wholesalers.

3. Dealer channel

Dealers’ channels are a way to buy more suitable for the original sex lingerie store. This way of buying is relatively simple. For people who have not been exposed to import channels, this way is also relatively secure.Of course, when choosing a dealer, you must choose a company with high reputation and strong professionalism.

4. Cross -border e -commerce platform

Cross -border e -commerce platform is also a way to buy underwear. Especially for businesses with existing e -commerce sales channels, it is more convenient to choose a cross -border e -commerce platform for procurement. Compared with other channels, cross -crossing, cross -crossingThe choice of the border e -commerce platform is relatively large and the product variety is rich.

5. Overseas procurement

Overseas procurement is a more professional way of buying underwear. It needs to have a deeper understanding of sexy underwear. Its relevant laws and regulations are particularly important. You can find related erotic underwear importers through platforms such as Alibaba and Google.Essence

6. Participate in the Sex Underwear Exhibition

After the concentrated procurement festival, major cities in China will have some exhibitions in the sex underwear industry. Participating in the sex underwear exhibition can directly face multiple brands, understand the latest development and trend of the love underwear industry, so as to find products suitable for purchasing.

7. Railway station import

Entry sex underwear at the train cargo station is also a method often adopted by merchants in recent years. It has the characteristics of relatively affordable prices and relatively stable quality through the method of importing this method through train cargo stations.More restrictions.

8. Logistics company overseas purchasing

Logistics company overseas purchasing is a way to adopt a business for many years. The purchase cost is relatively low compared to other methods, and it has brought a more affordable price to the merchant. In addition, the relevant overseas purchasing platforms have gradually become developed.Merchants provide channel convenience.


Different purchase channels can bring different procurement experiences and effects to merchants. The key is to find the purchase channels for sexy underwear that suits them.value.

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