What are the sexy underwear chain franchise stores

What are the fun underwear chain franchise stores?There are already many sexy underwear brands in the domestic market, but how to choose?This article will introduce a few well -known and reliable sexy lingerie franchise brands to help you better understand the market clothes franchise market and make the right choice.

Brand 1: Norra sex lingerie

Since its establishment, Norra sex underwear has been very popular in the market and has become one of the well -known domestic sexy underwear brands.Norra’s sexy underwear is very creative in design, and each piece of underwear can bring a new visual impact.Joining Norra sex underwear can get their professional training and support to help you better start your sexy underwear franchise trip.

Brand 2: Victoria ’s Secret

Every woman should have heard of the Victoria’s Secret brand.Due to its unique design, rustic fabrics and a variety of sizes, it has become one of the most popular sexy underwear brands in the world.Victoria’s Secret provides franchisees with the best management support, sales skills, and marketing knowledge.

Brand 3: Aimer sexy underwear

Aimer is a well -known brand in China’s sexy underwear market.It is designed and selected from science and technology to create an elegant, comfortable, sexy, and healthy underwear.Join Aimer’s sexy underwear, you can get the support of their Internet marketing and new product promotion.

Brand 4: only hearts

ONLY Hearts is a American sex lingerie brand, founded by Helena Stuart in 1978.Its design is based on the theme of comfort, sexy, simple, and selected raw materials.Joining only Hearts, you can be shared by brand experience, getting economic motivation and inspiration, and growing with the brand.

Brand 5: La Senza

La Senza is a Canadian erotic lingerie brand. At the beginning of the brand, it had an innovative brand attitude and a diversified marketing strategy.Become a La Senza brand franchisee, you can get advertising support for the brand’s excellent underwear, authorized brand stores and marketing.

Brand 6: La Perla

The LA Perla brand comes from Italy. Its design is bold and innovative. Its sexy lingerie is rich in style and a variety of size. It is a historic brand.Joining La Perla, you will be trained by brand underwear design and popular trends to ensure that your store’s underwear series is in line with brand characteristics.

Brand 7: Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a sexy underwear brand in Britain. Its design is bold, avant -garde and is well -known.If you want to open a different sexy underwear shop, choosing Agent Provocateur is a wise choice.Joining Agent Provocateur, you will receive support for brand marketing and marketing.

Brand 8: Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a brand that is always simple, fashionable and easy to match, as is its sexy underwear.Joining Calvin Klein, you will receive support from brand advertising marketing, design, production, quality inspection and other related support.

Brand 9: Triumph

Triumph is a German brand and a brand giant in the field of sexy underwear.Triumph pays more attention to comfort and launch different styles for different consumer groups.Joining Triumph, you will receive support from the support of the system of logistics, information, and quality management.

Brand 10: Wolford

The Wolford brand comes from Austria. Its characteristics are very high -quality materials, fine handmade and modern design.Joining Wolford, you will receive support from brand area sales training, store opening guidance, after -sales service, display website and other aspects.


Choosing a brand that suits you is the key to success.Considering your own experience, funds, and concepts, according to the brand information provided by this article, choosing a brand suitable for you is the first step to create your own sex lingerie franchise store.

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