What does it mean to make fun of underwear

What is sexy underwear average

The average sexual underwear refers to the size of the size in the aspect of the bust, the waist, or the hip circumference, and it is a standard size.It is usually suitable for a certain scope, avoiding the trouble of size purchase.

Applicable crowd of sexy underwear average

The average sexy underwear is usually suitable for women’s groups with a height of less than 160cm and weighing less than 60kg.For relatively tall or fat women, the average sexy underwear may have certain restrictions.

Fun underwear average style

The average of sexy underwear is also rich in styles, including various colors, materials, and styles.Among them, the most common include cat women’s suits, rabbit girl dressing, sex pajamas, etc.

How to choose the average of sexy underwear

When choosing the average number of sexy lingerie, you should first understand your body size to ensure that you meet the scope of the average code.In addition, when buying, you also need to carefully select styles and materials to ensure comfort and visual effects.

Materials for making sexy underwear average

The average number of erotic underwear is usually made of comfortable, soft and breathable materials, such as lace, silk, cotton, etc.These materials can not only bring a sense of sense of sense, but also allow the wearer to have a better experience in visually.

Washing method of erotic underwear average code

When cleaning the average code of sexy underwear, you should choose a mild detergent and use hand washing.After cleaning, it should be dried in the ventilation place to avoid direct sunlight and avoid using a dryer.

The advantages of the average sexy underwear

The biggest advantage of the average sexy underwear is that it does not need to care too much about the size of the size. It is suitable for a certain range of body shape, saving time and energy.In addition, the style and materials of the average sexy underwear are also very rich, which can meet the needs of different people.

The disadvantage of the average sexy underwear

The scope of the size of the lingerie is narrow, which cannot meet the requirements of everyone.For women with higher or fat bodies, the average sexy underwear may be too tight or too loose, which is not suitable.

When to choose a common code sexy underwear

For women in height and weight within the scope of applications, the average sexy underwear is a very good choice.If you have enough understanding of your body size, and like the style and style of the color of the sexy underwear brand, then you may wish to try it.

in conclusion

The average sexy underwear is a relatively narrow underwear product, but it has great advantages in convenience and brand style.If you do not have particularly strict size requirements and have high requirements for styles and materials, then average sexy underwear can be your first choice.

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