What does men send love underwear?

What does men send love underwear?

Interest underwear is a sexy costume that can increase interest and add sexual interest.For women, from outside to psychological feelings, sexy underwear has an indispensable role.So, what does it mean if it is a male to send a woman’s sexy underwear?

Represents love and care

Men’s sexy underwear to women represents men’s inner emotions to a certain extent. This is a manifestation of love and care.This behavior often has the meaning of breaking the traditional restraint, and also shows that men’s recognition and respect for women in some ways.

The beauty and desire of representative sex

Most of the traditional ways of sex are relatively monotonous, and once sexy underwear is used to add sexual interest, it can bring a beautiful sex experience to both parties.Well, men’s sentimental underwear represents men’s sexual desire and beautiful expectations.This can also strengthen the intimacy between husband and wife to a certain extent.

Represents the understanding and respect of women’s bodies

Seeing their own female partners as the bearer of sexy underwear means that men understand and respect for women’s bodies.This behavior can help lift women’s negative emotions for their bodies, not only to ensure that women’s legitimate self -esteem, but also allow women to feel the care and care of men.

The method and willingness to represent the passion of lust

Sexy underwear, as a cultural form that can stimulate eroticism, when men are given to women’s sexy underwear, it also means that men and willingness to stimulate eroticism.This method is also very suitable for those couples with flat feelings for a long time, which can increase the emotional bond between two people.

Represents the exploration and pursuit of sex

Sex is a basic needs of a person, and with the gradual opening of the social atmosphere, people’s understanding of sex gradually deepen, and the exploration and pursuit of sex have become more active.In this case, men’s sending and fun underwear reflects the exploration and pursuit of sex, as well as recognition of sexual culture.

Represents the channels and ways to communicate emotions

For the emotional communication between husband and wife, sexy underwear is a better way and way.By giving women’s sexy underwear, men can not only increase emotional interaction, but also reduce the distance between the two sides to some extent. It is a more effective and effective way of communication.

Represents the pursuit of fun life

The current social atmosphere is becoming more and more open, and interesting life has become a part of more and more people’s lives.In this case, men’s sending affectionate underwear represents the pursuit and development desire for fun life.In addition, you can also increase the emotional interaction between husband and wife.

Represents the source of the motivation of sexual health health

Interesting underwear is inseparable from the health of sex. One of the important functions is to play a role in sexual organs in sex to help men and women explore the fun of sex.By sending sex underwear, men also show the attention and source of motivation in terms of sexual health.

The vision and imagination space for innovation

There are many creativity from the beginning of the design of sexy underwear, which reflects people’s vision and imagination in sexual culture.Sending affectionate underwear means that men also have a good innovation horizon, which can enhance sexual experience through creativity and imagination.

Represents further expectations and demands

Men’s sentimental underwear means men’s higher expectations and demands for women.This expectation is likely to refer to a deeper emotional appeal, such as hoping that women are more active or more creative and imaginative in sex.


As a product of the development of cultural forms with human civilization, sexy underwear has an increasingly wide application and development in modern society, and has been widely used in husband and wife life.When men send erotic underwear, they not only represent the recognition of sexual culture and sex health, but also respect and pay attention to the emotional life of women and husbands and wives.

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