What does sexy underwear look like in a security checkpoint

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is a highly concerned topic in security check -in.Due to their sexy and exposure, many buyers are worried that they are questioned or exposed by security guards during the security check.This article will in -depth discussing the situation of sexy underwear in security check -in, and provide readers with more security experience and precautions.

2. Quota underwear material

The material of sex underwear is very different from ordinary underwear.Generally, sexy underwear uses softer materials, such as lace, silk, or elastic fabric.These materials do not have a significant response for metal detectors.Therefore, as long as your erotic underwear does not have steel wires or other metal components, it will not be detected by security inspection instruments.

3. Interesting underwear with metal parts

Even if the sexy underwear has metal parts, you don’t have to worry too much.These metal parts are usually small, such as small buttons, small rope buckles, or small needles. The signals generated by the security instrument are very weak and cannot even reach the standard value of the alarm.However, it is recommended that you stay at home with a lot of sexy underwear with a large number of metal components before traveling to reduce the risk of being questioned.

4. Patition and perspective

Due to its sexy characteristics, sexy underwear often has penetration and perspective.Due to the special nature of the security machine, you may need to perform extra security when detecting these types of underwear.The police will randomly select some people for manual inspection to confirm whether there are any dangerous items on the underwear.

5. Security inspector’s attitude

Different national and airport security rules are different, so the attitude of security personnel may also be different.In some relatively free countries abroad, security guards generally pay attention to convenient passengers and will not be too troublesome.But in some countries, security guards may be too nervous, and even immediately take you out of the queue for further inspection.Therefore, when wearing sexy underwear to enter the airport, be sure to keep calmness so as not to cause misunderstandings.

6. Facing the response of security officers

If you are questioned by security guards because you are wearing sexy underwear, don’t panic, and don’t try to hide or conceal any situation.In the face of security guards, answer questions confidently and calmly, and don’t make yourself look too nervous or uncomfortable, so as not to cause more doubts.If necessary, you can explain your situation to the security guard and let them understand that you are a responsible and confident passenger.

7. How to avoid the embarrassing situation

To avoid encountering an embarrassing situation when wearing sexy underwear into the airport, you can replace it with ordinary underwear at the locker room at the airport, or change to sexy underwear after arriving at the destination.In addition, you can carry a thin veil or shawl in your luggage to cover up part of the body and reduce people’s attention.It should be noted that do not throw the fun underwear into the box at the airport. It is best to put it in an independent bag to avoid being abused or damaged by other items.

8. The proper storage of sexy underwear during the journey

If you need to travel with sexy underwear, you need to keep it properly.If you put them in a suitcase, it is best to put them at the bottom so that it will not be damaged when other items are pressed on it.If you have a variety of different styles of sexy underwear, it is best to put them in plastic bags for categorian storage.After the trip, don’t forget to take out the fun underwear and check if there is a place that needs to be repaired or clean.

9. Summary

Wearing sexy underwear at the airport will be more vigilant.However, if you feel confident and comfort yourself about your dress, security guards will be easier to believe in you.Before travel, you can choose suitable underwear to wear according to the customs and customs rules of the destination.Finally, remember to keep calm and confidently facing the security of the security guards.

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