What should I do if my wife likes sexy underwear?


Interest underwear is a necessity in the private life of modern women, and it is also a way to increase the fun of husband and wife.However, many husbands and wives have caused women not to wear sex underwear because of their different ideas, which brings some trouble to the life of the couple.So, as a husband, how do you make your wife like sexy underwear?

1. Know your wife’s wishes

First of all, it is important to understand the true willingness of your wife.In this way, you can avoid your own prejudice and wrong judgment, and fits your wife’s needs and psychology.You can understand her ideas and preferences through in -depth exchanges with his wife, observing his wife’s response, and online search.

2. Consider from comfort

For women who choose sexy underwear for the first time, comfort is a very important consideration.It is recommended to choose the soft, easy to clean, and non -irritating sexy underwear, so that the wife is comfortable and uncomfortable for the first time.

3. Pay attention to personal style and temperament

When women choose sexy underwear, personal style and temperament are important considerations.Therefore, choosing a sexy underwear suitable for your style will make women feel more comfortable and confident, rather than lack of security.Take the lead in putting on sexy underwear among your family can better stimulate his wife’s courage and interest.

4. Emphasize interactive experience

The value of erotic underwear is not only reflected in the appearance of appearance, but also to increase the interest and interactive experience between husband and wife.Husbands and wives can strengthen physical contact, intimate communication and stimulus on the basis of wearing sexy underwear, and continue to innovate and open up new experiences in the lives of the two.

5. Avoid deliberately pursuing too sexy

For women, the choice of sexy underwear varies from person to person. Most women do not want to pursue excessive sexy styles.Excessive sexy design can make women feel embarrassed and uncomfortable, and reduce the interest and confidence of wearing sexy underwear.Moderate naked and exquisite details can reflect the sexy and charm of women.

6. Give enough respect and understanding

After giving his wife’s freedom and support for sexy underwear, you need to maintain sufficient respect and understanding.Don’t be dissatisfied or disgusted because of her choice and her expectations.Respect the opinions and preferences of her wife, and respect her personality and values.

7. Lenovo sexy underwear and romantic atmosphere

Interest underwear is not a conventional clothing in life, it can bring people a special romantic atmosphere.Husbands and wives can create a romantic environment in their own house, play soft music, ignite aromatherapy, put on sexy underwear, and enjoy romantic skin relatives.

8. Pay attention to the correct maintenance and cleaning

Correct maintenance and cleaning are important factor to ensure the quality of sexy underwear and service life.After wearing sexy underwear, you need to clean and dry it in time. Do not wash multiple pieces of sexy underwear together to avoid problems such as dyeing, deformation or damage.It can be operated according to the details of the details of the sexy underwear label.


Make your wife’s love underwear make the husband and wife live more colorful and increase fun and interaction.When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to comfort and personal style, as well as emotional resonance with his wife.Through the correct wear, maintenance and cleaning, the life of the sexy underwear can be extended and the happiness and quality of the life of the husband and wife can be improved.

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