What should I pay attention to before wearing a sexy underwear

What should I pay attention to before wearing a sexy underwear

As a special costume that can increase interest and sexy, sexy underwear is loved by more and more people.But while using sexy underwear to enhance life’s interest, we also need to pay attention to some tips or problems that need to be avoided.This article will explain these issues one by one to help you wear sexy underwear better and release your charm.

1. Choose a style that suits you

Different erotic lingerie styles have different sexy tastes and atmosphere.Some sexy underwear has a strong sense of design, while. Some pay more attention to details and self -cultivation.Therefore, it is important to choose a style that suits you.Women can choose the style that suits them according to their body, temperament and mood, and men must also choose the corresponding sexy underwear according to their own personality and body shape to better show their charm.

2. Pay attention to the choice of size

The choice of size is essential for the wearing experience of sexy underwear.Because sexy underwear is generally "sexy" as the main selling point, the inappropriate size selection will affect the physical beauty below.Women should choose the suitable size that is suitable for themselves, especially on the sexy underwear of thin fabrics, not embarrassing and not meat; men should pay attention to the length of the waist circumference and trousers legs, but the effect of the predicted set of sexy underwear will be greatly reduced.Essence

Third, master the techniques wearing on the occasion

Interesting underwear is a special sexy charm, but it may be counterproductive if wearing excessive or unsuitable occasions.Therefore, it is also very important to master the wearing of sexy underwear.For example, in private occasions, you can choose sexy placement, lace lace and so on.In some formal entertainment occasions, you need to keep low -key, focusing on small lace, not too publicity.

Fourth, pay attention to the effect of matching

While wearing a sexy underwear, we must also pay attention to the effect of matching, so as to show a more sexy and charming charm.Women can match some black high heels or red lipsticks to reflect sexy and feminine.Men can wear more simple and stylish styles.It must be noted that the matching is based on the reflection of its own charm.

Fifth, sexy underwear needs in different periods

Different time periods, our sexual underwear choices must also be different.During working hours, you should choose a comfortable and exposed sexy underwear. In the evening, you should cooperate with candlelight, light music and fragrance to creative and warm and warm and romantic atmosphere.When encountering special occasions on weekends and holidays, you can choose a more gorgeous and sexy sexy lingerie style to let yourself show your charm in a love game.

6. Pay attention to maintenance

Interesting underwear, because the details are exquisite and complicated, we must pay attention to maintenance.The sexy underwear of Xiaoxiuxiu brand is recommended to use hand washing. Do not soak the time. At the same time, pay attention to the ventilation and moisture.Avoid washing with other clothes with large color differences to avoid dyeing.

7. Pay attention to hygiene and cleaning

Interesting underwear generally has the characteristics of inconvenience, there are many levels of thin fabrics, and there will be problems such as bacterial growth and poor sweating in summer. Therefore, pay attention to the hygiene and cleaning of sexy underwear.You can screen the fabrics and cotton materials with good breathability, eliminating excessive humidity to cause skin allergies. Choosing a style with cotton crotch can also transfer the washing link to the crotch to facilitate treatment.

8. Avoid wearing too long

You should also pay attention to the length of the wearing underwear.Wearing erotic underwear for a long time may cause skin irritation, itching and other problems, and even affect your physical health.Therefore, it is recommended to choose a sexy underwear that is appropriate to wear, pay attention to your body’s response, change or rest properly, and keep your body health.

9. Cooperate with behavioral needs and occasions

Different sexual behaviors need to cooperate with different erotic underwear to achieve their goals.For example, toy games may need to be matched with large -sized sexy underwear. The Kigurumi experience (seasonal compliance) may require more fabric volume to provide body care function.In addition, because sex behavior scenes will be different, they also need to cooperate with choosing suitable underwear to meet their needs and each other.

10. Improve self -confidence and release yourself

Wearing sexy underwear, the most important thing is to show your most confident and sexy side.Regardless of what kind of sexy underwear, the ultimate charm still emits from his own confidence and gas field.Therefore, at the moment of wearing a sexy underwear, you can imagine that he is a sexy and charming goddess, or a charming and charming man!In short, full of self -confidence and inspiring inner charm, you can release yourself and make the moment when wearing sexy lingerie a good time.


In addition to adding color to yourself, sexy underwear also needs to pay more attention to self -care.Only in the process of incorporating these small details and techniques can we truly enjoy the charm and interesting life brought by sexy underwear.

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