What will happen to the sexy underwear by the courier?


With the rise of e -commerce, sexy underwear has become an increasingly popular shopping choice.However, many people are worried about the embarrassing situation that the underwear is seen by the courier.So, is it really necessary to worry?Will the courier really care?This article will answer your doubts.

Will the sexy underwear be seen by the courier?

First of all, it should be noted that the courier will not be viewed in every package.Under normal circumstances, the courier will only scan the QR code on the package, and then put it in the courier cabinet or transport vehicle.Therefore, sexy underwear will not be easily seen by the courier.

Will the sexy underwear remind the courier because of the packaging?

Some sexy underwear merchants will printed the pink LOVE heart on the packaging or use the words to advertise "sexy, temptation" and other words, so that it is easy to attract the attention of the courier.But in more cases, the packaging will be wrapped and sent with very ordinary boxes or bags.Therefore, sex underwear will not remind the courier because of the packaging.

Will the courier take the initiative to tell others that they receive sexy underwear?

During the delivery process, courier will strictly abide by the principle of privacy.Generally speaking, if there are no special circumstances, the courier will not take the initiative to tell others what items have received.Therefore, you don’t have to worry that the courier will take the initiative to reveal that you have received sex underwear.

How should I choose the express packaging packaging of sexy underwear?

If you are very concerned about the courier to see your sexy underwear, or you receive goods in public, then you can try to choose some courier packaging with confidential measures.These packaging may be charged additional fees, but it can ensure that your privacy is well protected.

If you don’t want to be known to the courier, can you choose to go directly to the store to buy it?

sure.If you don’t want to send sexy underwear to the door, you can go directly to the store to buy.The store also offers a variety of sexual and erotic lingerie, and you have more opportunities to try it out and choose the style you are satisfied with.

What would happen if they were seen by the courier?

Even if the courier finds that the package is sexy underwear during the delivery process, they will not have any unusual reactions.Because sexy underwear has become a necessity for more and more people in the present society, and I believe that the courier has been accustomed to this.

How to prevent the love underwear being destroyed during the express delivery process?

Interest underwear has high requirements for materials. If the packaging is not appropriate, it is easy to be destroyed, which will not only be ugly but also affect performance.So how to prevent the affectionate linker being destroyed during the express delivery process?First, choose a reliable courier company; second, packaged in a buffer manner.Make sex underwear buffer, which can prevent external forces from damaging sexy underwear.


In general, sexy underwear will not be seen as a big problem by the courier.If you care about this, you can choose a courier packaging with confidential measures, or go directly to the store to buy.At the same time, pay attention to packaging by buffering, which can protect the sexy underwear that is not destroyed.I hope this article can help you answer doubts and eliminate your worry.

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