Why does sex underwear send wet towels

Understand the affair

Interest underwear is a sexy and seductive underwear.It is different from traditional underwear and is more sexy and pursuing a sense of art.There are many classifications of sexy underwear. Beautiful women’s sexy lingerie, sexual erotic lingerie, adult sex underwear, European and American sexy underwear, etc.Interesting underwear is not only to meet the psychological needs of couples, but also a way to express love and beauty to themselves.

Why does sex underwear send wet towels

When we buy sexy underwear, we often find that the store is sending some small gifts, including wet towels.So why do you send wet towels in sex underwear?

Easy to clean

One of the reasons is convenient cleaning.Interest underwear generally uses special fabrics and styles, which requires special cleaning methods.The wet towel presented by the store can provide more convenient and effective cleaning methods.At the same time, various detergents can be avoided to damage the fabrics.

More caring

Another reason is more caring.Interest underwear is different from traditional underwear. It is more to express emotions and beautiful ways.So how to make love more temperature and feel more?Gifts of wet towels can increase some small surprises and power of love.

Quality Assurance

At the same time, presented wet towels also means the guarantee of the quality of sexy underwear.The stores generally do not cut corners in the quality of sexy underwear, and they will also provide some small gifts to show their attention and brand reputation.

Multi -functional use

Wet towel is also a multi -functional small item.In addition to the cleaning of sexy underwear, it can also be used for various occasions such as sweat, hand, and mouth.So sending wet towels is also an affordable and convenient approach.

Improve user experience

Gift of small gifts can also improve user experience and increase user stickiness.When consumers shop, they found that the store not only provided high -quality sexy underwear, but also presented small gifts, which would make people more willing to come to this shop to buy other products.

Marketing strategy

Gift of small gifts is also a common marketing strategy.In fierce market competition, providing additional services and purchase experiences is an effective way to attract customers and increase sales.

Increase decoration and experience

Some sexy underwear shops show wet towels with products as a part.Take small gifts as decorations to increase the experience and picture of sexy underwear.

Combined with seasonal activities

The store can also use special circumstances such as festivals and seasons to give a wet towel with specific themes.For example, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and other special date, increase Valentine’s Day and festive atmosphere, increase consumer desire to buy, and create a colorful shopping experience.

Provide brand sense and experience

In addition to giving back to consumers, the operators of the store have added a sense of experience to their own brand, making consumers more favorabally and recognized the store, and increase the attention and reputation of the entire brand.


The practice of giving small gifts such as wet towels cannot directly improve the performance and quality of products such as sex underwear, but the store can indeed increase the user’s experience and the pleasure of buying in this way, and strengthen the relationship between the store and consumers.Increase the loyalty and stickiness of users and increase sales.Therefore, when buying, you may wish to pay attention to whether the store gives gifts for small gifts, which is also one of the important criteria for measuring shopping experience and merchant quality.

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