Will your girlfriend accept sexy underwear?

Girlfriend response

Whether you are a new girlfriend or want to add some freshness in sexual life, sexy underwear may be a good choice.However, you may worry about your girlfriend’s attitude of accepting sexy underwear.Understanding your girlfriend’s reaction is the key, which helps you make appropriate decisions.

Communication is the key

In any case, communication is the key to successful relationships.If you want to use sexy underwear in sex, it is important to talk to her, and this should be the primary step of your decision -making.Make sure you sit down with your girlfriend in a comfortable and quiet environment.

Choose the right time

It is important to choose the right time to talk about this topic.If your girlfriend is in a bad mood or she feels nervous and anxious, then this may not be a good time to talk about this problem.You need to choose a comfortable moment to open this topic.

Respect her opinion

Understand her opinion, not to impose her opinion blindly.If your girlfriend is disgusted with this idea, then you need to respect her opinion, not everyone can accept sexy underwear.Accepting her opinion can establish better communication and trust.


If you want to guide your girlfriend into the world of sexy underwear, you can gradually guide her.Let her complete some simpler tasks, such as choosing the color or style she likes.This allows her to gradually accept this idea and improve her trust.

Try different styles

If she is uncertain about the idea of sexy underwear, it may be possible that she just doesn’t know the types and styles of this product.Try to let her understand more sexy underwear styles and types, so that she has more choices in style selection.

Buy what she likes

If you plan to buy sexy underwear, please consider the type she likes.You can secretly ask her without knowing her, understand the colors and styles she likes, and find out the products that are suitable for you to use with her.

Emphasize beauty

Interest underwear is not only about sex, but also about pure beauty.When looking for and using sexy underwear, we often emphasize its beautiful design and form, making people feel particularly sexy and beautiful.If you can let your girlfriend understand this, then she may be more likely to accept the concept of sexy underwear.

Try new things

Maybe some people have never considered sexy underwear before, but they will change their views once they try.If your girlfriend has not used sexy underwear before, creating a new experience for her is a way to be accepted by sexy underwear.

in conclusion

All in all, knowing your girlfriend’s reaction and respecting her opinion is the key to accepting sex underwear.Gradually guide, choose the right time, let her understand beauty, try new things, and buy products suitable for her, can make her more interested in sexy underwear and increase her trust and interest.

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