Will your wife buy sexy underwear novels


One day, you and your wife are shopping in the mall. After a sexy underwear store, you see that the sexy underwear in the store is very attractive.You can’t help but want to know, will your wife like these underwear too?

Understand the wife’s preferences

First of all, it is important to understand your wife’s underwear.If she is not interested in sexy underwear, she doesn’t like it or feels uncomfortable, then you advise her to buy sexy underwear.

Choose the right sexy underwear

If your wife is interested in sexy underwear, then you need to recommend that she choose the right underwear.You can consider her figure and personal preference, and suggest that she choose the style and color suitable for her.

Understand important materials and uses

When you recommend your wife to buy sexy underwear, you need to let her know the purpose and advantages of each material.For example, silk underwear is suitable for spring and autumn. Conjusational underwear can modify the figure, hollow underwear can increase sexuality, and so on.

Pay attention to comfort and size

No matter what kind of sexy underwear is selected, comfort and size are very important.You need to suggest that your wife must try it on when choosing underwear, and choose the size and comfort that suits her.

Control of budget

When buying sexy underwear, you need to master the budget and control the budget.It is necessary to know that quality and price are not always proportional, so you need to suggest that your wife’s reasonable budget and choose a sexy underwear that meets cost -effectiveness.

Innovative DIY

In addition to buying sexy underwear in the mall, you can also innovate DIY sexy underwear with your wife.This is an interesting, innovative and unique process that can increase the feelings between you.

Safe privacy is important

Like buying other underwear, it is important to protect personal privacy when buying sexy underwear.Please make sure you purchase it at a regular store, do not upload personal information to any unofficial website.

Season sex selection sexy underwear

Selecting seasonal sexy underwear is also a point that needs to be followed.In winter, you can choose thick yarn underwear; in summer, choose a cotton underwear with good breathability.In spring and autumn, you can choose functional underwear suitable for physical temperature.

Reasonable maintenance and cleaning

Reasonably maintaining and cleaning sex underwear is the key to ensuring its life and use effects.You need to suggest that your wife is cleaned in accordance with the washing instructions to avoid mixing with other colors.

in conclusion

Choosing the right sexy underwear will not cause any distress to the relationship between you and your wife, but you can add novelty and passion between husband and wife.As long as you enjoy in a relaxed and comfortable way, buying and wearing sexy underwear will be a great experience.

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