Xu Dong Dong’s sexy underwear map

Xu Dong Dong’s sexy underwear map


Xu Dongdong, an actress who has received much attention.Her appearance is always accompanied by controversy and topics. One of them is that she has posted her sexy underwear photos on Weibo. These pictures have been widely discussed and become one of the topics in many people’s minds.

Sexy Black Silk Sex Poster

In this set of pictures, Xu Dongdong wore a black lace sexy underwear, which was particularly noticeable. She was a pair of black stockings she matched.This set of underwear reveals her beautiful figure curve, and black stockings, which exudes a sexy and charming.

White lace sexy underwear

This white lace sexy underwear feels fresh and comfortable instantly, and the overall image is more sweet and pleasant.In addition, its design is also very close, showing Xu Dongdong’s perfect figure proportion.

Low -chest transparent vision underwear

This set of underwear is very sexy because it has a clear perspective effect, and the low -cut design shows Xu Dongdong’s full chest.This style of sexy underwear often brings visual impact to people, increasing the fatal temptation to sexy, and is also an essential element in many women’s sexy images.

Through pants sexy underwear

This sexy underwear occupies an important position in the entire sexy underwear market.Xu Dongdong has more femininity for a piece of thong -style sexy underwear for himself, and the exquisite detail design is quite exquisite. It is indeed one of the representatives of sexy underwear.

Purple color sex lingerie set

This purple lace sex lingerie suit is a very popular piece of Xu Dongdong.This underwear is simple, but it gives people deep visual charm.The design of lace is one of its biggest highlights, and the slightly translucent texture adds a sense of mystery.

Red color sexy underwear

This is a very classic sexy lingerie style.It can be seen from Xu Dongdong’s pictures that the design of this red love underwear is very perfect, and the wearing effect must be very good.The red design makes her more feminine and make this set of sexy underwear more collectible.

Black lace plus vision underwear

This black lace plus see -through sexy underwear is amazing.Its design is very unique. The transparent part is not only exposed, but also adds a lot of sexy taste, just like the charm of Xu Dongdong when wearing it, it is easy to attract eye -catching.

Net red sexy underwear

This sexy underwear is very fashionable. The perspective design and black and white color matching are the most attractive places.Women who choose this sexy underwear are full of personality.When Xu Dongdong put on it, he also exuded his unique charm.

Bone and flesh connected sexy underwear

This set of sexy underwear is a very popular one in recent years, and it is also one of the dreams of many women.Its design is very special, setting off the perfect figure of women, and it is also full of mystery and enchanting feeling.Xu Dongdong wore this set of underwear, and the curve on his body was more perfect.


The styles and types of these sexy underwear displayed by Xu Dongdong are very rich, and the quality is also very good. It is worth collecting.In the current fashion circle, sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular, and it also makes people know more about the aesthetic and more pursuit of underwear.When buying sexy underwear, it is recommended that you choose merchants with brand guarantees and good reputation to ensure that they can be guaranteed to provide high -quality services and after -sales protection.

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