Zipper sex underwear beauty

What is a zipper erotic underwear?

Zipper sex underwear is a special sexy underwear. It is characterized by unique design and unique shapes. Usually the zipper as the design element, allowing the wearer to experience a more exciting pleasure in sex.The types of zipper sex underwear are very rich, and different styles are suitable for different people and occasions.Below we will introduce some common zipper sexy underwear.

Types of zipper sex underwear

1. Zipper corset: This kind of sexy underwear runs through the entire chest area from a zipper, which makes the chest be exposed while being wrapped, which increases the sexy effect.

2. Zipper underwear: This kind of sexy underwear is sometimes called "open underwear" because it only has a basic skeleton, no additional fabric, and only one zipper connects the two

3. Zipper set: This sexy lingerie is composed of zipper corset and zipper underwear. It is usually sold in a complete set, but it can also be purchased separately.

The color and material of the zipper sex underwear

The color of the zipper sex underwear is usually black, red, white, pink, purple and other bright colors. These colors can make the wearer look more sexy and attractive.

The material of zipper sex underwear is also diverse, usually polyester, silk, etc. These materials have certain softness and breathability, which can bring a comfortable feeling to the wearers when wearing.

How to wear zipper sex underwear

Wearing zipper sex underwear requires certain skills. The following are some commonly used wearing skills.

1. Zipper corset: Put the zipper, be careful not to be too tight or loose to ensure comfort and safety.

2. Zipper underwear: Pay the zipper and pay attention to adjust the position to ensure that the wearer can walk and sit comfortably.

Who is suitable for wearing zipper sex underwear?

Different styles are suitable for different people, but in general, women are suitable for wearing zipper sexy underwear.This sexy underwear can make women more sexy and attractive, and increase interest and pleasure.

Sexy and stimulus of zipper sex underwear

The sexy degree and stimulation of zipper sex underwear are very high.Wearing zipper erotic underwear in sex can make the wearer more sexy and attractive, thereby increasing the pleasure of sex and improving the quality of sex.

Suggestions for the purchase of zipper sex underwear

If you want to buy zipper sex underwear, it is recommended to choose a well -known sexy underwear brand to ensure quality and comfort.At the same time, pay attention to choose the style and size that suits you to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and uncomfortable to yourself.

How to maintain zipper sexy underwear

Zipper sex underwear is a special underwear that needs to pay attention to maintenance.Here are some common maintenance methods.

1. Hand washing: zipper sex underwear is not suitable for machine washing. It is best to wash it with warm water to avoid using bleach and strong acid detergent.

2. Dry: Do not put it on the drying rack and dry it directly after washing. It is best to use a towel to dry the excess water and dry it naturally.

Suggestions for the matching of zipper sex underwear

To wear unique sexy effects, matching is also very important. The following are some proposals.

1. With high heels: high heels can make the leg lines more beautiful, wear with zipper sex underwear to make the wearer more sexy.

2. Stockings: Stockings can make the leg luster higher, wear with zipper sexy underwear to increase the sexy effect.


Zipper sex underwear is a sexy stimulating underwear that is suitable for women to wear.If you want to add pleasure and interest in sex, choose a zipper sex underwear that suits you.At the same time, pay attention to choose well -known brands, styles and sizes suitable for you, and be sure to pay attention to maintenance.