135 in sexy underwear

Sex underwear is a unique clothing that gives women more sexy and charm.Among them, 135 sexy underwear is loved by women.Let ’s take a look at the 135 issued in sex underwear.

What is the 135 out of underwear?

The proportion of each woman is different, so different underwear is needed to show their charm.The 135 lingerie is a underwear designed for women with a slender body and well -proportioned. It can perfectly fit the curve of the chest, waist, and hip.Discomfort.

What are the types of underwear in 135?

In the sexy underwear market, 135 underwear is usually divided into the following four types:

1. Long sexy vest

2. Waist -shaped corset

3. Maobang low -cut lace bra

4. Sexy pajamas set

Long sexy vest

Long sexy vest is a sexy and practical 135 underwear. It can eliminate the body proportions and add tall visual effects.And most vest underwear is equipped with underwear pads, which can effectively shape the chest shape and make the chest more full.

Waist -shaped corset

The design of the waist -shaping corset can more fit the curve of the waist and make the waist more slender.And most of the waist -shaping corsets are equipped with a certain chest support function, which can effectively improve the chest and make the chest more upright.

Mao edge low -cut lace bra

Maobian low -cut lace bra is a underwear wearing a woman with full chest. Its V -type design can show sexy collarbone and chest grooves.The fabrics of lace can better reflect the feminine and sexy of women.

Sexy pajamas suite

Sexy pajamas suits are a combination set containing underwear and pajamas. It usually uses transparent lace and tulle material, which can show women’s graceful, plump and sexy body lines.At the same time, pajamas usually have the function of waist -hip -hip, which can make women more beautiful.

Suitable for 135 underwear

There are various occasions of 135 underwear. The following are some suitable occasions:

1. Valentine’s Day, birthday and other romantic occasions

2. Party, nightclub and other social occasions

3. Leisure time before bedtime

How to wear 135 underwear?

The wearing of 135 to pay attention to the following points:

1. Select underwear with the right size to ensure comfortable wear

2. Pay attention to the matching of the underwear style and the occasion to avoid uncoordinated wear

3. Pay attention to the washing and maintenance of underwear

Which women are suitable for wearing 135 lingerie?

Although the 135 lingerie is designed for the proportion of women in shape, not all women with slender figures and proportions are suitable for wearing 135 underwear.Women who are suitable for wearing this underwear need to express themselves with confidence and courage, and also need to understand how to use underwear to highlight their advantages.

135 The advantages of the outwear underwear

The advantages of 135 deposits underwear are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Be able to perfectly fit the body curve and show the sexy charm of women

2. Can enhance women’s self -confidence and charm

3. Suitable for various occasions, with high practicality

in conclusion

In short, as one of the classic styles in sexy underwear, 135 lingerie has won the love of many women.Whether you are a standard figure or a sloppy posture, as long as you have confidence, 135 underwear can add charming charm to you.

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