Dressed in sexy underwear, husband has no physiological reaction

Dressed in sexy underwear, husband has no physiological reaction

Interest underwear is a specially designed underwear, which is mainly used to enhance the sexual interest between couples.Many women buy various types of sexy underwear in order to better mobilize sex.But some women did not get the expected results after wearing sexy underwear. Even if their husband did not have a physiological reaction to them, why is this?This article will explain this phenomenon and give corresponding solutions.

1. No choice of style that suits you

For sexy underwear, different styles may cause different effects, and need to be selected according to personal characteristics and needs.If a woman chooses a sexy underwear that is not suitable for her, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect.Therefore, before buying sexy underwear, it is best to understand your body and style and choose the style that suits you.

2. Uncomfortable material

Some sexy underwear is not comfortable, which can cause irritation to the skin.If wearing this underwear, it will make people feel uncomfortable and difficult to achieve the expected results.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, choose comfortable materials to ensure wearing comfort.

3. The size that is not suitable

If the size of the sexy underwear does not match the figure, it will make people feel uncomfortable and it is difficult to produce sexual interest.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, choose the appropriate size according to your own size.If the size is not sure, you can try it out first to ensure comfort.

4. Wrong accessories

Accessories are also important parts of sexy underwear, which can make sexy underwear more attractive.However, if the selected accessories are not suitable, the overall effect may be damaged.Therefore, when choosing accessories, pay attention to choosing styles and colors that match the sexy underwear.

5. Uncoordinated color matching

Color is one of the important elements in sexy underwear. If the color is not coordinated, it is easy to destroy the harmony of the entire dress.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, choose the right color according to your skin color and preference.In addition, paying attention to the color matching is also very important. It is necessary to coordinate the sex underwear with your skin and clothes.

6. Environmental issues

When wearing sex underwear, the environment is also one of the important factors.If the environment is too noisy or the pressure is too great, it will affect the relaxation of the body and it is difficult to produce sexual interest.Therefore, when wearing sexy underwear, choose a comfortable and peaceful environment.

7. Lack of initiative

Although sexy underwear can add fun to sexual life, just putting on it does not guarantee success.If a woman lacks initiative and is just waiting for her husband’s reaction, it is difficult to have sexual interest.Therefore, after wearing a sexy underwear, you should also actively mobilize the atmosphere of sex.

8. The distance with her husband

Sometimes it is not possible to wear a sexy underwear, which may be too far from her husband.If there is enough intimacy, even if wearing sexy sexy underwear, it cannot cause her husband’s physiological reaction.Therefore, before wearing a sexy underwear, you should also consider the relationship with your husband.

in conclusion

In summary, sexy underwear not only requires the coordination of elements such as styles, size, accessories, but also a certain environment and personal initiative.The most important thing is that the relationship between the relationship with the husband is also one of the key to success.When choosing sexy underwear and wearing, you must respect your body and love before you can achieve the best results.

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