How to name the sexy underwear shop nice


The name of sexy underwear stores is not only a manifestation of the owner’s personal taste, but also the key to creating a brand image.The nice store name can make customers deeply impress and increase the popularity and reputation of the brand.So, how does the sexy underwear shop name nice?This article will share some useful suggestions and inspiration to help make the best store name.

1. Give the store name a characteristic

If you want a shop name with a soul, you may wish to give it a fun name.For example: mental interest, exotic stunners, rose incense and so on.These characteristic names are good and good, and it is easy to grasp the attention of customers.

2. Pay attention to brand positioning

Brand positioning is very important. The name of the store should be consistent with the style and positioning of the product.If the store products are biased in the sweet style, you can choose the names such as "honey" and "candy house"; if the shop product line pays more attention to sexy style, you can consider the names of "Poetry Dream" and "Yue Angel".

3. Use numbers and letters

Letters and numbers are naming elements that cannot be ignored.The letter represents a strong visual impression and personality. The letters that form their own store name should match and cooperate with the product style as much as possible; numbers often use some telephone, address, additional highlights and other information for combined names.

4. Four words of Internet gold

"The four golden words" generally refers to "simple, good memory, good attributes, can display products or services to the greatest extent".In the Internet era, these four words have become more important. Do not get rid of any marketing elements when naming in sex underwear shops.The name of the store is easy to speak, easy to distinguish, and easy to remember.

5. Summary in one sentence

The name of the sexy underwear store is usually a very skillful job, but if you can summarize the characteristics of your shop in one sentence and communicate with your target customers directly.For example: enjoy the taste of being loved, "posture" cutting -edge explosives, and so on.

6. Brand slogan

Brand slogan is one of the projects that cannot be underestimated in the early stages of the store. It is also a business card of the sex underwear store. It is the deepening and extension of the advertising slogan.If the slogan includes the name of entering the store, it can achieve better brand effects, such as "dare", love, "beauty", meeting happiness and so on.

7. Regional elements

Adding place name elements in the store name is also a traditional way of doing.If your store is in one region, such as Jiangnan, southwest, and north mountainous areas, then you can also make full use of the advantages of the store.Local elements can add more color to the store name.Such as: Hong Kong fun, Jingwei, Bashu style, etc.

8. Different

Creativity and personality are always indispensable. Nowadays, the sexy underwear market is very fierce. Stores need to be different from the public to stand out in the market.Some unique elements, such as charm, humor, and fashion can become the highlights of the store name.For example: maid mature women, love Oba, cat eye superb, and so on.

9. Back name

This kind of exciting words usually add some more exciting words to make the name have a strong impact in the central area. To achieve the goal, it can immediately attract the effect of the eyeball.For example: the words "leather whip", "best", "tight" such as "whip" will appear in the name, such as: Lego’s fun, dancing stewardess, love peach night, and so on.

10. Conclusion

In short, the naming of sexy lingerie stores requires a comprehensive consideration of various factors such as brand image, product style, shop positioning, and customer groups, and creatively add interesting and recognizable elements in order to create a good memory, understanding, understanding, understanding, understanding, understanding,Good sales and promotion store names.I hope this article can provide you with some useful inspiration and skills when you named the store.

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