How to wash love underwear and panties in the dormitory

How to wash sex underwear and panties in the dormitory

In the dormitory on campus, laundry is a daily task that must be completed.However, for novices, you need to pay attention to some matters when washing your sex underwear.The following will introduce how to wash sexy underwear and underwear in the dormitory to maintain their comfort and hygiene.

Choose the correct detergent

First, we must choose the correct detergent.Some detergents may be too strong to destroy fabrics and generate chemicals.Therefore, it is best to use some special detergents to wash underwear, which will be more gentle and can protect the fabrics.

Hand washing is the first choice

When washing sex underwear and panties in the dormitory, hand washing is the best choice.Because when using a washing machine, it is easy to make zipper, decoration and buttons stuck inside, so hand washing is the most secure.At the same time, it can better touch the details during hand washing, and it can protect the details from damage when washing.

Warm water bubble

The correct washing program is very important. First, soak the underwear in water with warm water. Do not be too hot or too cold to avoid damaging the fabric.Add an appropriate amount of detergent and start rubbing until all parts are foam.Underwear needs to be soaked for about 15 minutes, and then washed with clean water again.Finally, use dry towels or drill at high speed to remove excess water.


In the process of drying, we need to pay attention to the details. First of all, it is exposed. If there are decorations and other different materials on the underwear, we cannot expose it to the sun to avoid the color difference and fading.Then select a good ventilation place and use tools such as clothes rods to help us dry and hang it on it.

Underwear with different fabrics

Underwear with different clothing is very important.With the increasing quality of the underwear, the material of sexy underwear is also very rich. There are many fabrics such as cotton, silk, lace, polyester fiber, etc., which need to be treated and washed targeted.The material on the hand is a bit messy, and even when the label is not found, the most secure way is to wash with cold water, because this will not shrink them.

Basic washing remedial measures

If you find small holes or damaged details during washing, such as traces of failure or corrosion of the hook and zipper, you can use a special trim or sewing patch.Not only can they provide a trimming and change options, but also protect the details, and can extend the life of your sexy underwear.


The frequency of erotic underwear is different from person to person.For some people, changing underwear every day is reasonable.For others, it is enough to wash underwear several times a week.No matter which one you belong to, remember to timely washing to maintain hygiene in time to avoid the breeding of bacteria and affect your health.

Storage position

When the underwear is dry, place in a clean and dry drawer or wardrobe.It is recommended not to stack them, but put them separately to avoid friction, damage and deformation.


Proper washing and storage of sexy underwear are the key to enhancing hygiene and comfort.It should be noted that good erotic underwear needs to be washed and preserved in the correct way to maintain its high quality and high standards.Only by following the correct steps can your sexy underwear be beautiful and comfortable.

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