How to wear a sexy underwear and a boyfriend

How to wear a sexy underwear and a boyfriend

As a type of sexy underwear, it is very teasing and tempting, which can play a role in increasing interest in sex life.But how to wear sexy underwear to better get up the boyfriend’s desire?Let me share with you how to wear sexy underwear to stir up boyfriend’s boyfriend.

1. Choose the right sexy underwear (H2)

It is important to choose the right sexy underwear.You should choose according to your body, skin color and personal preference.There are many styles such as suspenders, shoulder straps, vests, splits, hanging necks, etc. Among them, sexy styles with suspenders, hanging necks, and splits are the most common.In terms of color, black, red, pink, etc. can increase sexy atmosphere.

2. Master wearable skills (H2)

Sexy underwear stickers are wearing, so wearing skills are very important.When wearing, pay attention to the abdomen and chest to show a beautiful figure curve while avoiding discomfort caused by physical problems.In addition, pay attention to the wearing of underwear, such as the wearing skills mentioned above, can make sexy underwear more tempting.

3. With the right shoes (H2)

If you want to wear sexy underwear more people, be sure to match the appropriate shoes.Choosing high heels can lengthen the legs of the legs without losing the petite and exquisite feeling, which is very suitable for sexy underwear.

4. Focus on highlight your advantages (H2)

Everyone’s body and advantages are different, and wearing sexy underwear and people must varies from person to person.If you want to fully reflect your advantages in erotic underwear, you can show your advantages through many aspects such as underwear style, wearable skills and shoes.

5. Pay attention to the use of sexy underwear accessories (H2)

The accessories of sexy underwear can be handcuffs, eye masks, mouthball, etc., which can increase interest and stimulation during use.But pay attention to reasonable use, try not to use too much to avoid affecting sexual experience.

6. Use perfume fragrance (H2)

When women wear sexy underwear, they can use some perfumes or incense to increase interest and create a good atmosphere.When using it, you must pay attention to the quality of perfume and the taste that women like.

7. Increase visual stimulation (H2)

The visual impact of sexy underwear is very large, and increasing visual stimulus is also one of its original intention.Women can increase visual stimuli through makeup, hairstyle, tattoos on the arms.

8. Use the mirror to increase interest (H2)

Women can use mirrors to increase interesting effects and provide men with more visual stimuli and better ornamental effects.At the same time, the mirror can also allow women to better grasp their sexy charm and improve self -confidence.

9. Hold your own language ability (H2)

While wearing sexy underwear, women need to hone their language ability.Expressing your desires and emotions in the language of flirting and teasing can not only increase interest, but also enhance communication and communication skills.

10. Encourage men to join (H2)

Finally, don’t forget to encourage your boyfriend to actively join the process of sex to enjoy the joy and pleasure brought by sexy underwear.

In short, wearing a sexy underwear and a boyfriend need to start in many ways to achieve the best results.It is hoped that these tips will help women to increase their interesting experience, while also adding a little fun to sex life.

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