International brand -name sex lingerie ranking

International brand -name sex lingerie ranking

In today’s underwear market, sexy underwear has become a popular fashion element.Interest underwear not only has sexy functions, but also shows the charm and personality of women.The sexy lingerie brand in the market is full of dazzling. What are the most popular sex underwear brands?This article will introduce you to the ranking of international brand -name erotic underwear.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret, as one of the world’s largest underwear manufacturers, has the hearts of many women.Victoria’s secrets and recognizable logo, supermodels of supermodels, etc. have added a lot to the brand.Its erotic underwear uses selected fabrics, with elegant design shapes and worldwide.

Agent Provocateur

Allin is a British sexy underwear brand and enjoys a high reputation worldwide.It is said that Amur’s sexy underwear can vividly show the charm and independent spirit of women to the fullest.The sexy underwear uses high -end fabrics, and has a variety of styles, allowing consumers to enjoy the charm of personality.

La Perla (La Perla)

Renoa is an Italian brand, and its underwear is designed with women’s beauty as the starting point.Leino’s erotic underwear is cut and concise. It uses high -end lace fabrics. It not only pays attention to details, but also pays more attention to comfort and sexy degree, so that wearers can feel high -quality care in addition to the charm of sexy underwear.

Calvin Klein

As a well -known fashion brand, Calvin Klein is a topic that people love.Its fun underwear design is simple and atmospheric, considering ergonomics, making it comfortable to wear.Its underwear is not only exquisite in detail, but also highlights the inner and charm of exquisite women.

Lyn Lingerie (Lyn Lingerie)

As one of the French erotic underwear brands, Lin Pei is sexy, romantic, and feminine as the design concept. It has unique styles and leads the trend of sexy underwear.Lin Pei’s erotic lingerie is favored by women in Europe, Japan and other places. The design and details of their products show high quality and high value.

Dita von teese

Dita Von Teese is a brand launched by Dita Von Teese, a famous pornographic movie star and sexy underwear designer.Its erotic underwear uses high -end fabrics, taking into account comfort and sexy.Design also focuses on women’s personality and individualization, allowing women to show their unique charm while wearing.

La Senza

La Senza is a Lotte sexy underwear brand. Its design style is bold and creative, fully catering to the aesthetic needs of modern women.The quality of the fabrics of La Senza’s sexy underwear is high -quality, and it has excellently wearing effects, which more reflects women’s personality and taste.

La rouge belle

La Rouge Belle is a Indian brand focusing on women’s sexy lingerie. Its design direction focuses on highlighting the lines and curves of women’s beauty, so that the wearer can also feel the fusion of nature and comfort while showing his charm.The designer’s unique creativity and the ultimate pursuit of details have gradually received a high degree of recognition in the market.

Agent 69

Agent 69 is a sexy underwear brand from Hong Kong. Its products are dominated by Europe and the United States.Its sexy underwear design is different from the traditional design method, which emphasizes the body’s body lines and creates a smooth touch.Has persistent pursuit and professional technology in quality and design.


The above -mentioned sexy underwear brands enjoy high reputation and brand image internationally. Their launch not only reflects the sexy beauty display of women, but also reflects the diversity and tolerance of contemporary culture and women’s life attitude.For women who like sexy underwear, choosing a brand with high quality and design sense can better show their charm and beauty, and better shape personality and characteristics.

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