Men who are not interesting to sexy underwear

Why is a man who is not interested in sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a kind of clothing that makes women more confident and sexy, but some men do n’t feel like this kind of clothes, and they do n’t even like it at all. Why is this?

Men’s aesthetics are different

Men’s aesthetics are different from women. For some clothes that deliberately expose their bodies, men may not be excited, but they will feel too vulgar. This is why many men do n’t like sexy underwear.

Traditional concept

Some men are still more traditional. They think women should be more conservative and do not wear too much exposure. This is naturally not interested in the more open clothing such as sexy underwear.

Don’t like commercial things

Some men do not like to be affected by commercial or fashion trends. They feel that their aesthetics should be independent. They do not want others to control their ideas and tastes. This is one of the reasons why they don’t like sexy underwear too much.

High requirements for your body

For some men, sexy underwear is generally designed for women with good figures. If the figure of a girlfriend or wife does not meet the standard, then wearing sex underwear will make men feel dissatisfied.

Too expensive

Some sexy underwear is very expensive. For some men, this luxurious consumption is not worth it. They will choose more practical underwear.

Lack of understanding

Some men lack their understanding and understanding of sexy underwear. They feel that this is just an entertainment toy, not a real clothing, so it cannot be well appreciated by its value and effect.

Different personal preferences

Human preferences vary from person to person. Some men may not like this type of clothing very much. This cannot be said that they have any problems, but their concepts and preferences are different.

Ultimate point of view

Although some men are not interested in erotic underwear, this cannot recognize the confidence and beauty that fun underwear brings to women. This is a very private choice and experience, which should be respected and understood.

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