School grass lets me wear sexy underwear

School grass lets me wear sexy underwear

Paragraph 1: Introduction

To some extent, I have always been a ordinary girl.Although it became a disciplinary member in the class in her sophomore year, I have never been regarded as a particularly popular person until school grass appears in my life.

Section 2: The charm of school grass

School grass is a very attractive boy in our school.He looks handsome, has a fit, agile, and excellent academic performance.Many girls in the school favors him, including myself.Unfortunately, he never showed any special attention.

The third paragraph: the appearance of sexy underwear

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That day, I saw a very beautiful sexy underwear on the Internet, so I bought it and tried it.This is the first time in my life wearing a sexy underwear. It makes me feel sexy and confident.Since then, I have become loyal supporters of sexy underwear and collected various styles of sexy underwear.

Fourth paragraph: Proposal of school grass

Although the school grass and I are just insignificant understanding, they sometimes meet in school.One day, he noticed that I was wearing a sexy underwear and came over and started chatting with me.I was surprised to find that he was also interested in sexy underwear.However, what he said then made me stunned: "Next time we wear a sexy underwear together to play together."

Fifth Paragraph: Choose Love Lingerie

I rejected his proposal.However, he frequently asked me to continue this topic.In the end, I agreed to choose love with him.We have visited a few sexy underwear shops together, and school grass kept recommending a variety of different styles and materials for me.

Section 6: Surprise of the Grass of Grass

In the end, I chose a black lace sexy underwear.On the way home, the school grass proposed that I put a sexy lingerie in front of him to show my underwear I chose today.Although I was very embarrassed, I agreed with his proposal.Seeing that I put on this sexy underwear, the school grass was completely conquered.

Seventh paragraph: sexy level

In my communication with school grass, we found a popular topic: sexy.We tried to find the most important element of wearing sexy underwear.Although we have different opinions, we all think that sexy is built on the basis of self -confidence and comfortable sexy underwear.

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Paragraph eighth: the self -confidence of sexy underwear

Wearing a sexy underwear can not only make girls feel more sexy and confident, but also make men fascinating them.Interest underwear stimulates girls’ internal self -confidence, making them more confident and gorgeous.

Section 9: Conclusion

Although my love for sexy underwear began to farewell to lonely life, I now understand that sexy is not only external, but also a expression of confidence and independence.We all have the right to enjoy beautiful underwear, and we need to believe in our charm. Before discovering sexy, discover self -confidence and independence.This may be the most basic place for sexy underwear.